Our commitment to sustainability

Built on our company's core values and weaved into everything we do, our commitment to sustainability strives to ensure that we make the world a more meaningful place.



Our statement


Our company’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We are keen on doing our part to make the world a more meaningful place; after all, the world is our passion. We strive to integrate environmental and sustainability principles into our core business philosophy. 
We promote good practices in our Staffordshire-based head office, improving our level of commitment a little bit more every day. We support sustainable tourism, constantly improving the standard of our holidays and working closely with ABTA. Our plan focuses on what we are already doing, what we are aiming to achieve and what our long-term goals are. 

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Our holidays

We understand that a key part of your holiday is immersing yourself in the local culture and, in order to ensure this and support locally owned partners, we utilise the expertise of local guides and drivers in each of our destinations.

To further immerse you in the culture of your chosen destination, we offer local experiences that help to preserve the cultural heritage of the area and carefully select dining options from local restaurants (as opposed to international fast food outlets). Personalised optional experiences that promote a cultural and traditional experience of each country (e.g. cooking classes, opera or ballet performances, truffle hunting, cultural ceremonies or riding schools), are also available to enjoy during your stay.

Riviera Travel water bottles

We have reduced the number of plastics consumed on our popular river cruises by offering each of our guests a complimentary and reusable Riviera Travel water bottle to use and take home.


We know that our brochures are popular with our customers and each one sent out is printed with non-toxic ink and packaged in biodegradable envelopes. We also offer the opportunity to download each of these as a PDF to minimise waste even further.


Recycling and waste

One of our big commitments is producing less waste and we are pleased to say we are currently able to recycle 90% of what we do produce. This isn’t enough, however, and our target is to bring this number up to 95% in the next three years.

We have removed all paper hand towels from our office facilities and replaced them with a more environmentally friendly solution, further reducing our waste. 

Our copy paper comes from sustainable forests, where for every three forests grown for paper, one of those will be a dedicated home for wildlife. The printer toners that we use are recycled by the company that produces them.


Equality & Modern Slavery Policy

As part of our commitment to ensuring equality, we promote and embrace diversity, treat every member of the team fairly and impartially, and ensure equal compensation, benefits and promotion regardless of age, disability, gender, pregnancy, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or belief. 

We do not support any activity mistreating or exploiting humans or animals, in the UK or in any of our destinations around the world.

Our full Modern Slavery Policy can be found here.

Charity fundraising and donations

For the past 20 years we have been proud partners with Hope and Homes for Children. Their mission is to close all orphanages and place the children with loving families, so they do not remain in state institutions for all their young, or worse, sometimes adult lives.

Every time you choose to travel with us, we are proud to donate a percentage of the total cost of your holiday to this fantastic cause. We currently donate over £120,000 every year.

In addition to Hope and Homes for Children, we also support several other charities, including Pancreatic Cancer UK, local charity Me & Dee, the MoonWalk for Breast Cancer Research Foundation, St Giles Hospice and many more.

Over the last 12 months we have been able to raise over £4,000 for our supported charities, including a recent donation of £217.38 to one of our other charity partners, Plastic Oceans UK.

Meet Archie

We’ve recently welcomed a new addition to our team: 1-year-old Malaysian orangutan Archie! He resides at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Malaysia where he was adopted, and his picture proudly adorns the desks of our Operations Team in our Burton office.


Team well-being

As we know that well-being doesn’t just stop with the environment, we also strive to ensure the well-being of our team members. As a part of our commitment to this, we have introduced Fruity Fridays in our Burton office, where each team takes its turn to buy fresh, locally sourced produce for everyone to enjoy.

For our more active team members, we also offer weekly football matches, yoga sessions, fitness bootcamps and a cycle-to-work scheme. 


Environmental Awareness Day 2019

During our latest Environmental Awareness Day in our Burton head office, our team raised a fantastic £217.38 for Plastic Oceans. During the day, teams from across the office took part in a Water2Go demonstration, showing their support by wearing green, participating in a quiz and submitting a mascot design for the E-team. You can see a few Riviera Travel team members wearing green in our Facebook post.



As a part of our continued commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we have a volunteer team based at our head office, who ensure that we are doing everything we can to make Riviera Travel as green as possible. Our E-team work with industry leaders who have knowledge on current best practices to try and find ways to apply them to our business.


How can our customers help?


Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle throughout your travel journey to limit your environmental impact.

We all need to do our bit to reduce waste when travelling. When packing for your holiday, leave your rubbish at home by removing excess packaging on items like toiletries. Where possible, reuse items rather than buying new ones, and always recycle using the facilities available. Never leave rubbish on the street or in the environment.

Respect animals

See animals in the wild, being animals; please avoid activities where animals are caged, trained using painful punishments, kept in high-stress situations, starved or mistreated.

Wild animals are not pets, please refrain from taking selfies, touch or disrupt their normal environment so as to not endanger yourself or the animal.

Please be mindful of the souvenirs you buy and avoid any souvenirs that are made from harming wildlife and animals.

Did you know that corals are living animals and an intrinsic part of a vibrant reef, providing food and foundation for homes and hang-outs of other animals? Animal potions and amulets, ivory items, teeth trophies, seashells, snake wine, these are all reminders of how cruel human beings can be.

And if you want to bring back some of your holiday experiences, write a journal, draw some sketches, take responsible photos, purchase a book about the place you are visiting or buy postcards as alternatives.

Go local, eat local, buy local

Support the local economy by purchasing local goods and experiences on holiday. Not only can fresh local produce taste better, but it can also help to support social enterprises and small businesses which stimulates local economies and raises living standards. Other things to look out for include locally-made souvenirs and locally-run tours and experiences.

Dispose of your litter correctly

Some destinations have tough challenges dealing with rubbish and waste so please consider taking home as much plastic waste as you can (for example water bottles); even better take a refillable bottle with you! If recycling is available please use these, or if not, please use the general rubbish bins.

Refuse plastic bags when shopping; use your day bag or canvas shoppers. It’s a good idea to always pack one with you, to take on your local markets incursions.

Reduce or offset your journey footprint

Heavy luggage can impact the weight of the aircraft and requires more fuel, so be sure to pack light, taking only the essentials that you will need for your trip. If every passenger reduced the weight of their baggage this could help reduce the amount of fuel needed for flights, and also contribute to reducing the amount of waste in the country you are visiting. Instead of buying travel-size toiletries, for example, consider purchasing reusable clear bottles and pots which you can decant your larger bottles into, taking as much as you need for the duration of your trip.

Help to protect biodiversity while on holiday by thinking about the products you buy. For example, check the ingredients when purchasing sunscreen and avoid the ingredient oxybenzone — this chemical damage coral reefs and disrupts the marine ecosystem. You could even consider raw organic sun cream that protects your skin without harming the environment! Same for insect repellent, please try to buy Deet-free products. This will ensure that you are not covering either yourself or the environment in nasty toxins. Prefer solid toiletries - they are really light, take up very little space and involve no nasty plastic. Be ahead of time and use solar powered chargers, offers several benefits and more flexibility. Also try using environmentally friendly (bio degradable) sun creams, shampoos, travel wash detergents you can help reduce waste pollution.

Respect local customs and talk to locals

Before travelling, read up on local cultures and customs and learn some local lingo so you can speak with local people.

The best holidays often take place outside your hotel room. Make sure you don’t offend people by seeking advice or reading about dress code and etiquette at religious and cultural sites and events before travelling. If you are not allowed to visit certain places, respect the destination’s culture and wishes and behave appropriately at all times. By speaking a few words is also a great way to gain an insight into cultures and the locals will appreciate it. Take the time to learn a few words or phrases of the local language. Don’t worry about sounding silly, most locals are patient, accommodating and appreciate you making the effort to communicate in their language.

Switch off

Taking simple actions like turning off electrical appliances when leaving a hotel room will reduce your carbon footprint on holiday. Electricity amounts to vast amounts of carbon emissions in hotels. If a hotel uses key cards, take them out when you leave your room to turn off appliances. Also, adhere to the recommended air-conditioning temperature so as not to waste energy; try not to keep the air conditioning on all day.

Save water

Consider that water is in scarce supply in many parts of the world and do what you can to preserve it. Always respect local rules and regulation around water use and help to save water by limiting laundry requests and taking a 3-minute shower per day, particularly in areas of water shortage.

For additional tips on how you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle on your holiday see ABTA's infographic here.

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