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Imagine waking up to a different view every day from the comfort of your luxurious suite. What wondrous sights await you this morning? Simply relax as your floating hotel gracefully wends between towns and cities, and soak up the unique experience in the gentlest way possible, aboard our world-class vessels, some of the most spectacular ships gracing the world’s waterways.

Cruise in exceptional style from the privacy of your spacious suite, unwind on deck with a refreshing drink, or enjoy fine dining in superb on-board restaurants. Step out on to your private balcony and you could be greeted by dramatic terraced vineyards, gentle rolling countryside, or astounding fairy tale castles.

Every single detail is fastidiously inspected by our travel specialists, before a friendly, highly professional cabin crew, ready and waiting to attend to your every requirement, welcomes you on board. What better way is there to discover some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in Europe, and beyond? You might have to pinch yourself to realise that this isn’t a dream – you’re on a Riviera Travel river cruise, carefully choreographed to ensure that your journey will always be a memorable one.

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The Rhine

Steeped in myth, the famous Rhine has captivated writers and warriors alike, flowing past fairy tale castles, medieval towns and lush vineyards.

The Moselle

Wend your way along the serene and beautiful river valley past ancient ruined castles, impossibly steep vineyards and sleepy half-timbered villages.

The Danube

Cruise along Europe’s most cultured river, which winds through and along the borders of ten countries, and absorb the breath-taking views that inspired Strauss and Mozart.

The Main

Experience the gentle meandering bends that characterise the Main, its lush green landscapes strewn with pretty medieval villages and quintessentially quaint timber houses.

The Rhône

Flowing through the south of France, take in the beautiful Provençal scenery, the sun-baked vineyards, charming villages and colourful fields of wild flowers.

The Seine

The main commercial waterway of Paris takes you around sweeping bends, past stunning chalk cliffs and green countryside, past lovely hillside villages and vineyard terraces.

The Douro

Linking Spain and Portugal, the Douro weaves through one of the most photogenic river valleys and the sun-soaked Iberian countryside, past lovely hillside villages and vineyard terraces.

The Main-Danube Canal

From Bamberg on the Main to Kelheim on the Danube, an amazing feat of German engineering with its many iconic locks.

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