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The age-old banks of the Douro remain as enchanting as ever, covered as they are with peaceful terraces where olives, almonds and grapes are cultivated much as they always have been. How can such a picturesque river valley - with its dramatic cliffs, lush hillsides, medieval walled villages and fine vineyards - remain so relatively undiscovered? How can so few others have enjoyed the sensation of basking on a sun deck as the unmistakable chirping of crickets and the fragrant scents from the surrounding hillsides pervade the warm evening air? You’ll feel that your river cruise on the Douro is a true revelation, taking you deep into one of the most unspoilt corners of Europe. For 70 miles of the Douro’s 557-mile length, the river forms part of the national border between Spain and Portugal. Its narrow canyons made it a historical barrier for invasions, and an enduring cultural and linguistic divide. On your Douro river cruise you’ll see the very best that both sides of this fascinating river have to offer. There are plenty of wonderful sights to satisfy your eyes, and many fantastic tastes to satisfy our taste buds.

Wine is never far away from the Douro river, and there are plenty of opportunities to try out the authentic local favourites during your cruise. You’ll be spoilt for choice – whether it’s the sparkling Raposeira of historic Lamego, the familiar Rosé of Mateus Palace, or the Port wine (still trodden by foot) that’s so completely entwined with the history of Oporto. The delicious food of the region such as tapas, sardines, and custard tarts can be found in abundance along the river bank and in the stunning port towns you will visit along the way.

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Porto Old Town along the Douro river


Guide to Cruising the Douro River

 If you’ve never been on a Douro river cruise, this may be the time to embark on an unforgettable voyage alongside the Douro river’s beautiful riverbanks awash with olive, almond and grape terraces. A cruise on the Douro river also allows you to sample the fine wine and port produced in the valley – so what are you waiting for?


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(996 reviews)
8 days starting from £1569pp 
2022 & 2023 dates now on sale
Wooden Rabelo boats in Douro river in Porto | Porto, Portugal
(996 reviews)
11 days starting from £2118pp 
Vineyards through the Douro Valley | Douro River, Portugal | Solo Travellers
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8 days starting from £2139pp 
2022 & 2023 dates now on sale


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