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Last updated: 13 May 2021


We know you will be looking forward to getting back to your holidays as much as we are looking forward to taking you there! But we also know you may have concerns about what travel will look like over the next few months under the traffic light system. Below we answer some of the key questions you might have – please feel free to call 01283 742 300 if you wish to discuss anything before proceeding with your booking.

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1. How does the UK Government traffic light system work?

Currently every country is being categorised green, amber, or red by the UK Government. This determines the testing and isolation requirements to return from these countries to the UK:


Green Country

Amber Country

Red Country

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Take a test before your journey back to the UK

Yes, within the 3 days before you travel

Yes, within the 3 days before you travel

Yes, within the 3 days before you travel

Take a PCR test after you get home

Yes, one test within the first two days of your return

Yes, two tests – one on day 2 and one on day 8 after your return

Yes, two tests – one on day 2 and one on day 8 after your return

Self-isolation period


Yes, 10 Days (with an option to utilise the Test to Release


Quarantine in a hotel on return to UK



Yes, 10 Days

Test to Release option (pay for an additional PCR test)


Yes. On day five after your return (if negative, you can end your self-isolation)



The UK government will review the countries list every 3 weeks. In addition, the Global Travel Taskforce have committed to a full review of the “traffic light system” and all the associated travel requirements on 28 June, 31 July and 1 October.


2. Which holidays do Riviera intend to operate?

Green – we intend to operate. These countries have been deemed low risk by the UK Government due to high vaccination rates and low case numbers, and normal life has largely returned, so we are confident about providing a great holiday.


Amber – we do not intend to operate holidays to countries which are amber given the requirements as they currently stand. We do expect many countries to move into green over the next few weeks and the requirements of travel in amber may also yet be relaxed.


Holidays to red countries – these will not go ahead.


We will confirm the status of your holiday 4- 6 weeks prior to your departure. Please be assured, our ethos remains to provide you with an exceptional holiday experience, and regardless of tier, we will only operate your holiday if we are confident we can deliver on that promise.


3. Will I need to be fully vaccinated to travel to my holiday destination?

Our current policy is that everyone travelling on a Riviera holiday is required to be fully vaccinated or provide evidence of a recent negative test result.


We are aware that some green countries currently have additional vaccine and/or testing entry requirements in place, which we expect will be relaxed before your holiday with us departs. These are under constant review and we will continue to monitor developments.


As for the entry requirements of the country you will be travelling to, we’re sure you will have heard news reports surrounding vaccine passports, travel certificates, digital passes etc (which are all very encouraging in terms of easing entry). We continue to monitor all developments and will advise you accordingly with the very latest information when we confirm the status of your holiday.


4. Will Riviera help me sort out the tests required?

Yes, we will.  We have partnered with The Travel Visa Company - who will provide a quick and easy process for you to get your tests done and support you throughout the process. Their specialist team, and the Riviera team, will be on hand to answer any questions you have.


Testing methods and requirements are evolving quickly, and we will confirm the final process for your specific holiday, and contact details, in good time before you travel.


5. What if…

Countries designated green are low risk destinations, but you may have some questions about the unlikely chance…


… the country I’m travelling to changes from green to amber status whilst I’m on holiday?


There will be a green “watch list”, which the government will use to identify countries with the potential risk of moving to amber, and we will monitor this closely. The government has also said that they will seek to give notice about the change of classification of a country.  However, worst case, if a country does move to amber status while you are on holiday, you would be required to follow the guidelines for an amber classified country when returning to the UK.


… I, or a member of my party, tests positive when taking the test before return to the UK?


Should you test positive you will be required to follow the local regulations for the country you are in. Many travel insurance policies now provide cover if you or your travelling companion need to curtail your holiday or spend time in isolation – the current Riviera policy does this. Please check your policy carefully. As always you can be fully confident that the Riviera Travel team both in resort and in the UK will be fully on-hand 24/7 to provide the support and assistance you may need.


… the PCR test I take after returning to the UK is positive?


You will need to follow UK guidelines in relation to receiving a positive test, which will involve a period of self-isolation.