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29 Jul 2017, 16:12  

Just returned from THE CLASSIC ITALY tour,/20th july/ what a great tour! We saw so much in the time that we had. The hotels were lovely and spacious /biggest beds ive ever slept in!/ Unfortuantly we had a very long delay getting to the MINERVA hotel because of road fires/ which was nobody fault,/ but it did mean our coach journey was almost 5 hours long instead of 3. The Minerva was a lovely hotel, but I did not rate the food, although some people liked it. The second hotel GRAND HOTEL BEVERLY HILLS was lovely, very stylish, and the breakfast only had plenty of choice. I would definantly travel with Riviera again, I did suggest in a former post that it would be great to have a meeting point at the uk airport ie Wetherspoons or some planned meeting point as I find the airport is very daunting on your own, I had met someone on the forum beforehand and we arranged to meet at the airport, but without meeting this person I would have felt very lost as we didn't actually see the other travellers until we arrived in Italy airport, which could be quite scary for a first time traveller. I had a great time and met some fab people

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Hi Crystalbling55,
Glad to hear you thoroughly enjoyed your trip. After your initial apprehension at solo travelling it all worked out very well for you. I too am booked on the same trip later in the year. My first too as a solo traveller. can i ask you about what you and others wore in the evening when you had dinner etc. i realise its just casual for daytime, but I wondered if people actually dressed up in the evening or not?
Also how early in the morning did the tours start? This would be of interest then i can prepare myself mentally in advance. Have you decided on another trip after the success of this first trip? Would be interested to hear your comments. Thanks.

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