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14 Aug 2017, 13:55  

I've just got back from a Classical Italy tour on my first solo trip abroad (aged 17).
So it just goes to show that the age range is very varied.

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22 Aug 2017, 19:35  

I have been on a couple of river cruises with riviera---age range was more towards 70-80---i'm 56 but I did enjoy meeting people a bit older than myself---most were ---young at heart-- and there were a few folk about the same age as myself

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28 Aug 2017, 11:03  

I've just been on one of the Solo Travellers tours and I loved it. I'm 70 and didn't feel that I was an "oldie" in the group. There were a few people who were only in their 30's. Everyone fitted in and age really didn't seem to matter.

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It's about the mind set of a person. Age is just a number to an extent.

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