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Tours to Switzerland

A tour of Switzerland will take you to a fascinating country that’s as world famous for its independence and neutrality as it is for its chocolate and cheese, and as renowned for its astonishingly beautiful scenery as for its cleanliness, clockwork efficiency and welcoming, friendly, hospitable people. With four official languages, some of Switzerland’s cities are ranked among the very highest in the world for their quality of life. The country is also the home of many international and highly respected institutions including the Red Cross, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. But Switzerland is of course synonymous too with its towering Alps and mighty glaciers – from which major rivers including the Rhine and Rhône flow through deep valleys and lush meadows into more than 1500 lakes that contain 6% of Europe’s fresh water.

The very names of the places that you’ll visit on your unforgettable tour of Switzerland and the Bernese Oberland are legendary – from the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks to the calm waterfronts of Lake Lucerne and Lake Oeschinen, and from Zurich, Grindelwald and Brienz to the Reichenbach Falls where Sherlock Holmes met his sad demise. If you are interested in iconic railway journeys, the Glacier Express is also a must. Cutting through beautiful scenery and passing mountain ranges is a breathtaking experience, and the panoramic windows give great views from all seats in the caridges.

Our tours to Switzerland

Village of Lauterbrunnen set within a valley of rocky tree lined cliffs | Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
(185 reviews)
8 days starting from £1769pp 
The Glacier Express travelling across a stone bridge | Brig, Switzerland
(399 reviews)
8 days starting from £1499pp