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5 Great Reasons to Travel By Eurostar on Your Next Holiday

Travel in comfort and style from St Pancras, London How best to spend your time at St Pancras before you board What is the Eurostar like? Helpful advice about the underwater train by The Wayfarer One mistake that is all too easy to make is to not treat your journey as part of your holiday experience. ...


8 of the Best Markets Along the World’s Waterways

List of the best markets and unique stalls in Europe Discover the treasures that each market is famous for Best markets for food, souvenirs, antiques and local handicrafts by Sue Bryant Whether you’re there to shop, to taste or simply to sightsee, visiting a market on your travels is a great way to enjoy a colourful ...


10 Things to See From a River Cruise on Your Second Time Around

by Sue Bryant You’re hooked on river cruising and you’re getting to know the rivers of Europe and maybe even more far-flung places pretty well. So what do you do in port when you’ve checked off the main attractions? Here are some ideas. Vienna: The Museums Quartier First time around you probably saw the Hofburg, or Schönbrunn but ...