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A Musical Tour of the Danube

History of musicians from Hungary, Austria, and Germany Music from the Danube region Scenic landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas have provided composers with musical muses throughout the years, leading to many compositions that can evoke images of sunny skies over rolling hills or bitter winter nights. Certain cities along the Danube have acted as hubs for ...


10 Things to See From a River Cruise on Your Second Time Around

by Sue Bryant You’re hooked on river cruising and you’re getting to know the rivers of Europe and maybe even more far-flung places pretty well. So what do you do in port when you’ve checked off the main attractions? Here are some ideas. Vienna: The Museums Quartier First time around you probably saw the Hofburg, or Schönbrunn but ...


The History of the Danube

The history of one of Europe’s most famous waterways Discover how access to this river helped the growth of its communities How is the “Danube” pronounced in its home countries? Find out what fish inhabit this great river The Danube is one of the world’s most famous rivers, standing alongside the likes of the Nile, ...