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Find the Best Souvenirs to Remember These 7 River Cruises

by Sue Bryant  We all like to bring the occasional souvenir back from holiday and there’s no doubt that the world’s rivers are lined with retail opportunities. But how do you sift between the good stuff, things that will provide a lasting memory of your river cruise, and the tourist tat? Here’s our guide to authentic ...


5 Great Reasons to Travel By Eurostar on Your Next Holiday

Travel in comfort and style from St Pancras, London How best to spend your time at St Pancras before you board What is the Eurostar like? Helpful advice about the underwater train by The Wayfarer One mistake that is all too easy to make is to not treat your journey as part of your holiday experience. ...


How to Get the Best Out of Bruges

See more of Bruges, Belgium  The vintage markets of Vismarkt Find out more about the charming city of Bruges by The Passionate Traveller Bruges is a city that is made for wandering. It is compact, friendly, fascinating and wonderfully picturesque. So join me as I take a whistle-stop trip around Bruges. The first sound you will hear ...