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What to Expect Along the Nile

by Sue Bryant Egypt is going through something of a tourism boom at the moment so if you’ve always dreamed of cruising the Nile, now is the time to go, before it gets too busy. This is a wonderful time to travel; investment in tourism is paying off, with ancient temples being spruced up and new ...


Insider Guide: Portugal’s Amazing, Underrated Food

by the Insider Guide It’s time for Portugal to step out of its neighbour’s culinary shadow. We all know Spain is a gastronomic VIP; from sensational tapas to incredible seafood, we’ve spent many a holiday eating our way through the country’s menus. Somehow the top-quality dishes on offer just next door have been overlooked, but we’re ...


Adventure in the Alps: Escorted Touring vs. Independent Travel

James, a member of the Riviera Travel team, takes us on his journey of discovery during his very first escorted tour experience, comparing it to his usual self-planned holidays. We think we've converted him! Back in time The year is 2015, the month is October and the cold Autumn mornings are starting to become a familiar acquaintance. ...


The Benefits of Social Media on Holiday

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram have changed the way we travel significantly, from the way we discover and research new destinations to the ways in which we communicate with friends and family back home. Not only can you use social media anywhere in the world via your smartphone, many airlines ...


Experience a River Cruise Down the Seine

Be it gliding through the glorious French countryside or sailing past the iconic landmarks of Paris, one of the very best ways to enjoy France is on river cruise down the Seine. Our River Seine cruise is more than just a pretty river cruise; you’ll be transported on a journey through some of the most interesting, ...


Best markets along the world’s waterways

by Sue Bryant Whether you’re there to shop, to taste or simply to sightsee, visiting a market on your travels is a great way to enjoy a colourful snapshot of local life. Here are some of our favourite places to hunt for anything from cheese to spices to antiques, all easily accessible from where you’ll be ...