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5 Reasons to Travel Solo on Our New Budapest, Bratislava & Vienna Tour

1. Devin Castle As soon as you see the castle you are immediately transported into a fairy-tale.  Clinging precariously to a cliff edge on the border of Austria and Slovakia at the confluence of two rivers, it really is a fantastic place to take a photograph to send to your friends!   2. Traditional spas The classic spas in Hungary, notably ...


Cruising Portugal’s picturesque Douro Valley

The secret to a truly magical cruise experience is the ability to completely lose yourself in the beauty and culture of a place, and this Douro Valley cruise offers exactly that. Start out in Porto and take in the sights and flavours of the local vineyards as well as where you’ll see the hustle and bustle of ...


Valencia, the Inside Scoop

by The Curious Traveller I’ve always had a burning desire to visit Valencia and its region. Often ignored by people attracted by the bigger, brighter city lights of Madrid and Barcelona, the Moorish gems of Andalusia, or the foodie hotspot that is San Sebastian, Valencia is often left to its own devices. But for those in ...


The Seven Wonders of Europe

Europe’s cities and landscapes are full of wonder, with many incredible landmarks from throughout its history. Whether you want to visit a fairy tale castle or an ancient acropolis, there’s a wonder for everyone to discover. There are so many to choose from, but we’ve come up with a list of our seven wonders, all ...


Experience the wonders of the Nile from Cairo to Aswan

Egypt is a country full of spectacular sights and incredible history, with the Nile – the source of all its life – running through its heart. This makes a Nile river cruise the very best way to see its wonders, travelling from the delta of Lower Egypt including Cairo and the pyramids, and heading into ...


A river cruise for every season

by Sue Bryant River cruising is a year-round pleasure. Whether you’re looking to meander along the dreamy Seine in springtime, watch a tropical sunrise over Angkor Wat or catch some autumn warmth along Portugal’s rugged Douro valley, you’ll find there’s a cruise for every month. January... ...Magnificent Mekong A river voyage through Cambodia and Vietnam is a glimpse into ...