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Our Tour Managers’ Must-Visit Destinations for Your Bucket List

The Monarch butterflies in Mariposa Monarca, the cherry blossom in Tokyo, the lavender of Provence… everyone has their travel bucket list just waiting to be ticked off. We asked our tour managers for their bucket list destinations. The only question is, where can we take you?

“My bucket list destination would be Japan, ever since I first saw documentaries on Japanese nature and wildlife. I was amazed by the cherry blossom month of April when Tokyo parks are covered by white and pink cherry blossom flowers.”
– Antonio

Banff National Park, featuring Castle Mountain and Bow River

The Rockies are awe inspiring , the Canadian people are so friendly the opportunity to see a bear and her three cubs slowly just walk across the the road in front of our coach still gives me goosebumps , Alaska gives a sense of peace getting back to nature we follow the inside passage on our ship the scenery is stunning, we see whales and bald eagles in this natural environment , the holiday that we provide gives us the three in one experience which for many people is once in a lifetime experience.”
– Caroline

Egypt. I have always been obsessed by its culture, I really need to see the Sphynx, pyramids Luxor and Aswan. What they have managed to build centuries ago is just unbelievable.”
– Werner

“The most impressive place I’ve ever visited was the Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil. You have to go there in our autumn (their spring) when the water is flowing to see all the waterfalls. If you go in the dry season, there’s nothing to see and it was used in the film “The Mission” with Robert De Niro when it was dry. “

Lake Tekapo, on New Zealand’s South Island

“I never cease to be amazed by the truly amazing scenery literally around every corner. The clean air, the mountains, wild flowers, open spaces, the coastline, the glaciers, the snow fields and the tropical forests! New Zealand has everything and it makes my heart sing!”
 – Jane

“My travel wish is to go to Antarctica! I like the idea of feeling like an old Victorian explorer, the journey by ship, the cold, the solitude of the ocean, and finally exploring the last wilderness of earth.”
– Anna

“On my bucket list is a trip to see butterflies in the mountains of central Mexico where they spend the winter in their millions. The Monarch is easily recognisable with its orange wings laced with black lines and bordered with white dots. Millions of Monarchs migrate up to 3,000 miles from the United States and Canada south to Mexico. There, they huddle together on oyamel fir trees, mainly in the Mariposa Monarca Biosphere Reserve. A single tree can host tens of thousands of butterflies, their weight often causing a tree’s boughs to bend. As they take to the air the sound of their flapping wings is similar to a flock of birds, due to their huge numbers. This is one of Nature’s great spectacles and I’d love to witness it.”
– John

“My destination would be South Korea. I love Korean food , And thinking about how Jeju exploded onto the scene two million years ago, when volcanic Mount Hallasan rose up from the sea and waterfalls dropping straight.”

Iguazu Falls

“This one comes deep from my heart and it would be to step back into a place where I was born and left at 3 years old, South America. I would love to see the Iguazu Falls and also experience the Sugar Loaf Mountain, listen to the Samba music as Dad had loads on records that he played at the weekends. I would love to try some of the real Brazilian dishes that my Mum carried on cooking for years and step foot on the beach where I went as a child. Oh, and a real Argentinian steak.”

“I have a fascination with remote places or islands particularly with small populations and I’m keen to visit Greenland. Towering cathedrals of ice , clean air and the possibility of seeing polar bears are three things that are luring me.”
– Kate

“Japan. I think it’s a beautiful country with crazy scenery, from cold Hokkaido in the North, fascinating Honshu and Kyushu to Okinawa in the south. Their culture is a mix of hard tradition and ultra modern. Not to mention their fascinating work ethics and daily routine which seems out of this world for a European. And then there is food. I absolutely love Japanese cuisine and it would be such a pleasure being able to taste it in its place of origin.”
– Goran

“I would love to visit Provence and especially Arles. I have always been interested in art and especially the Impressionism and Post Impressionism eras as well as the supreme master, Van Gogh. The connection with the area is well-known as both he, Gaugin and many other artists painted there.”
– Hilary

“The Aurora Borealis has got to be the most awe-inspiring sight I could wish for. To see the diverse colours dancing across the sky, surrounded by the brightest of stars, changing from tanzanite blue, emerald green the deepest of purple and mixing altogether in completely random ways.”
– Trish

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