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10 Best Solo Travel Blogs

  • Stay up to date with the latest solo travel advice, insider tips and inspiration for where to travel.
  • Read entertaining and practical advice from solo travel bloggers sharing their experience. 
  • Discover ten of the best solo travel blog websites that are worth adding to your bookmarks.

Travelling solo is a fun, rewarding and enriching way to see the world. A great place to start your solo adventure is by reading online blogs that are filled with useful advice about travelling alone – including the best destinations as well as accommodation, dining and safety tips. While solo travel blogs tend to be written by women, there’s plenty of helpful advice and suggestions for places to discover whatever your gender.

Be inspired by reading our top ten solo travel blogs – add the following blogs to your web browser bookmarks.

10 of the best solo travel blogs to read

Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler represents a community where people with a passion for solo travel can share their experiences and advice. Created by Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt – both seasoned solo travellers – Solo Traveler is updated weekly and offers a wide variety of articles that aim to advise and encourage anyone interested in travelling solo. Practical insights abound, including ideas for destinations as well as how to budget as a solo traveller. With its attractive, vibrant layout and easy-to-read articles, Solo Traveler also features dedicated planning resources with how-tos, money advice and insider tips for first-timers.

solo travel blogs Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler blog

Solo Travel Girl

Solo traveller Jennifer Huber’s blog is a joy to read, serving up a collection of fantastic insights into travelling alone. Based on Jennifer’s personal experience as a solo traveller, Solo Travel Girl aims to inspire others who may be considering a singles holiday. With her mantra of ‘travelling alone, not lonely’, Jennifer seeks to help women of all ages overcome worries and anxieties about independent travel. With advice on budgeting and culinary and nature travel, Jennifer brings a personal element to solo travel – from exploring alligator farms in Florida to enjoying cocktails at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

solo travel blog Solo Travel Girl

Solo Travel Girl blog

Wild About Travel

A self-proclaimed ’50+ girl young at heart’, Simon has been a solo and independent traveller for over 20 years after ditching a career in banking to embrace a lifestyle dedicated to travel. Reflecting Simon’s love of nature, Wild About Travel is brimming with advice on visiting natural wonders, exploring landscapes, solo hiking and active travel, featuring beautiful, off-the-beaten-track destinations. It’s a global extravaganza – from two-week adventures in Brazil to unique trips through Portugal and the Algarve – Simon’s posts are detailed, packed with helpful insights and adorned with stunning photography.

solo travel blog Wild About Travel

Wild About Travel blog

Girl About The Globe

Lisa Eldridge’s award-winning solo travel blog Girl About The Globe provides accessible, in-depth insight into a variety of destinations – globe-trotting around the world from Antarctica to Tasmania. Having travelled to 125 countries – with an incredible 90 of those as a solo traveller – Lisa’s mission is to encourage female solo travellers to have their travel adventures. Girl About The Globe offers detailed, practical solo travel guides to every continent, along with city guides, money-saving tips, how to find accommodation and best times to travel.

solo travel blog Girl About The Globe

Girl About the Globe blog

Teacake Travels

Alice’s blog Teacake Travels is a blog with attitude – a self-proclaimed adventure travel blog for ‘solo kick-ass chicks’. The result is highly engaging, with often hilarious views on the world as Alice encourages readers to ‘face your fears, push your boundaries and reach your full potential through solo travel’. There’s lots of useful advice, too, including how to quickly learn new languages to best solo destinations with plenty of ideas for where and when to travel. Be sure to download the free packing checklist. There are handy guides to worldwide destinations – from North Macedonia to Aruba – and unique experiences such as The Mongol Rally to spark your imagination.

solo travel blog Teacake Travels

Teacake Travels blog

The Boutique Adventurer

Created by Amanda O’Brien, The Boutique Adventurer ditches the backpack and the idea that solo travel is limited to staying in hostels and instead focuses on the finer side of solo travel. While there are many luxurious solo holidays, Amanda cleverly combines information about solo travel tours and adventures without scrimping on comfort. London-based Amanda uses local insights to craft a unique perspective on new experiences in well-known destinations – from Instagrammable Paxos in Greece to the two weeks in friendly Colombia – her posts conjure up lively travel experiences. A bonus section reviews airline business and premium economy classes so you can fly in style.

solo travel blog The Boutique Adventurer

The Boutique Adventurer blog

Women On The Road

Leyla took her first solo travel trip at the age of 15. Now aged 66, she aims to show that women of any age can enjoy travelling alone. Women On The Road is filled with articles providing inspirational reasons to travel solo to help overcome initial nerves, as well as guides to numerous destinations – including Asmara in Eritrea and Lebanon – for when you’re looking for ideas. You can travel more confidently too, with experienced advice on how to plan a solo travel adventure and what to pack. Women On The Road is a great starting place for those considering their first solo tour or holiday.

solo travel blog Woman on the Road

Woman on the Road blog

Solitary Wanderer

For a more offbeat, quirky exploration of the world of solo travel, Solitary Wanderer is a must-visit. Written by Aleah Taboclaon, Solitary Wanderer is a treasure trove of unique articles, such as A Cat Lover’s Guide to Traveling the World to experiencing Halloween in New Orleans. There are plenty of travel tips – from solo city guides to specific activities such as Diving in Camiguin in the Philippines. With an accessible layout, plenty of eye-catching photography and a real passion for solo travel, Solitary Wanderer covers a lot of crucial information that every solo traveller should know – from visa guides to travel gear.

solo travel blog The Solitary Wanderer

The Solitary Wanderer blog

Indiana Jo

With over 125,000 monthly readers and almost ten years of blogging experience, it’s no surprise that Indiana Jo makes our list of top solo blogs. This excellent blog provides information about exotic destinations, along with tips on itinerary planning, flights and transport, health and safety, and budgeting. Jo’s honesty and openness are refreshing – you’ll get a unique glimpse at life as a solo traveller – and is sure to prepare you for the reality of travelling. Articles range from the personal such as the emotional Grief and Travel to the delights of a Panda tour in China.

solo travel blog Indiana Jo

Indiana Jo blog

Claire’s Itchy Feet

Fuelled by a love of solo travel, Claire shares her travel adventures on her blog Claire’s Itchy Feet – including climbing volcanos and visiting lost cities. She writes openly about her negative experiences, such as being stung by a scorpion and experiencing an earthquake in Guatemala, but uses these experiences to encourage solo female travellers to believe they are capable and independent. Claire provides information on packing, planning and money to equip solo travellers with the crucial necessary information for booking a solo adventure. Colourful and accessible, with stunning photos to accompany her articles, Claire’s Itchy Feet is a joy to read.

solo travel blog Claires Itchy Feet

Claire’s Itchy Feet blog

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