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Unspoilt coastline, gentle sea breeze and turquoise waters; our impressions of the Dalmatian Coast

by Riviera Travel

This June, Holly – a Team Leader in our Reservations Department – joined our first group of clients on the Dalmatian Coast yacht cruise from Split to Rab on the MS Il Mare. We sat down with her to find out what she thought of the cruise and the ship.

What were your expectations of Croatia and the cruise before you went?

I had never visited Croatia before, so I didn’t really have any specific expectations about it before travelling, but I was very intrigued to know what the Yacht, MS Il Mare, would be like. Bearing in mind this was my first opportunity to do something like this and the fact that this was a brand new yacht cruise had me thinking that there may potentially be some teething problems and/or parts that may need re-working. I was prepared to come back with some feedback to help improve certain aspects of the cruise, however I can only express to people how flawless every part of it was. From start to finish it had been so thoughtfully planned and put together, from the destinations visited to the staff on board, it was certainly a trip to remember.


Ms Il Mare

Ms Il Mare

What was the food like?

The cuisine was always so fresh and sourced from local markets. Home cooked breads, olive oil and olives were a must have, along with the locally caught fish. Each lunch time we were served a platter of the finest local foods, with fresh vegetables, meats and potatoes along with home-made desserts and wines from the nearby areas.

Which excursion or day was your favourite?

My favourite excursions were to both Trogir and Split, we had such a lovely and knowledgeable local guide for both. The towns were so beautiful and clean, with cobbled streets and colourful flowers climbing the walls of the shops, cafes and houses. There were quaint houses sitting atop steps along winding narrow streets, it felt like wandering through charming a little maze. Such peaceful areas, and so unspoilt.




What was the cruise experience like?

The experience on board the cruise was ‘total relaxation’. There was a lovely, friendly atmosphere between all clients and the staff on board. Whilst cruising along the coast, clients would take to a sun lounger on the top sun deck, taking in the glorious views and gentle sea breeze.


Sun deck on the Ms Il Mare

Sun deck on the Ms Il Mare

What were the highlights of your trip?

Along with the daily swim stops, which were truly beautiful with crystal clear, aqua blue waters, the visit and overnight stay moored in Rab was one of my highlights. It was such a picturesque place; just such a relaxing stop with free time for us to explore the town ourselves. I found a small sandy beach at the bottom of some steps with a tiny beach bar and with palm trees overhanging. I sat down with a drink and the feeling of pure relaxation just hit me. It was blissful!


Swim stop

Swim stop

The Diocletian’s Palace in Split was also a highlight of mine. The old town of Split was hidden away and was a complete surprise once we entered through the castle walls. Winding streets, hidden restaurants and local markets offering hand crafted goods and traditional, local foods.


Diocletian's Palace, Split

Diocletian’s Palace, Split


For full details of this particular cruise click here. We also offer a selection of other Adriatic and Dalmatian Coast yacht cruises, with destinations such as Venice, Opatija, Zadar, Vodice, Trogir, Hvar, Mjlet and beyond! Check them all out here.


Holly is a Team Leader in the Reservations Department, and has been a part of the Riviera Travel team for 5 years. Like all of us she is passionate about travel, and her top holiday destinations are India, Iceland and now Croatia!

To speak to Holly about her experience or if you have any questions about this holiday, please don’t hesitate to call her for a chat. The Reservations Department is open Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, Saturday 9.30am to 4pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm.


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