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Cruising with Riviera Travel is a truly unforgettable experience and we're proud to hold Which? Recommended Provider status for River Cruises. Our gorgeous ships and award-winning service are two of the many reasons our customers keep coming back time and time again.

We understand that choosing the right cruise for you can be a little daunting, especially if you’re new to the world of cruising, so we’ve put together a brief guide below to summarise the different ship types and the cruises we offer, from coastal and island cruising to transatlantic crossings.


What’s the difference between the ships?


The difference between the ship types is mainly determined by the waters that they cruise and the destinations they visit. Ships vary in size and style, but with Riviera Travel you can rest assured that no matter the ship, you’ll be cruising in the utmost luxury and comfort.

We use yachts to cruise the Adriatic and Dalmatian coasts as they are gentle and can cruise still waters with ease, plus they’re small enough to nip into the small ports and harbours. Expedition ships are hardy and strong enough to tackle the cold, icy waters around the Arctic and Antarctica, with plenty of room for Zodiac Dinghies. River cruise ships are long, low and perfect for meandering along the wide rivers of Europe, Asia and Egypt, in both shallow and deep waters, whilst smoothly navigating through locks and bridges. Tall ships, on the other hand, have mighty sails to handle the sea breezes and tides of the Mediterranean with ease and grace.

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European river cruise ships

Our fine fleet of five-star European river cruise ships are hallmarks of distinction and truly world class. These Swiss built and operated ships are rated by the Berlitz Guide to River Cruising as some of the finest river cruise ships to grace Europe’s waterways. Our suites and cabins are among the largest on any river cruise vessel and 83% of our cabins feature a French or full balcony. These ships carry 130 to 170 passengers and are all named after classic British writers.

The exception is the MS Rossia which cruises the Volga and is built and operated by an excellent Russian shipping company.

Find out more about European river cruises and the experience on board by clicking here.

MS George EliotMS George Eliot

Worldwide river cruise ships

The Nile and Mekong are surely two of the world’s most fascinating rivers to cruise, with iconic sights and bucket-list destinations to tick off along the way. On the Mekong we use the MV Mekong Prestige II, operated by a French-Vietnamese venture, which is similar in style but much smaller than our European river cruise ships. There are only 32 cabins, creating a much more intimate and personal experience on board.

For the Nile cruises we use the MS Hamees or the MS Darakum, both operated by world-class hospitality company Mövenpick. Similar to other river cruise ships, these carry between 100 and 150 passengers and all cabins and suites offer wonderful river views.

Explore all our worldwide river cruises here.

MRV Mekong Prestige II


A yacht is a reasonably lightweight and fast ship that’s small in size. Yachts were originally designed by the Dutch navy for pursuing pirates in shallow waters but having been made popular by King Charles II in the 17th-century as recreational vessels, they are primarily used for leisure today. A yacht cruise often conjures images of glamourous adventures in turquoise waters and hot, sunny climes, and that’s exactly what we aim to offer on our coastal and island cruises.

With no more that 20 cabins per ship, simple yet elegant interiors and informal dining experiences, these yacht cruises are perfect for those seeking a relaxing, island-hopping adventure. There’s even a platform from which to jump or climb into the sea any time we stop for a swim!

To find out more about coastal and island cruising, click here.

MS Il MareMS Il Mare

Expedition ships

The most recent additions to our holiday collection are expedition cruises in Antarctica and the Arctic, sailing on the the MV Ocean Atlantic. This ship can carry up to 200 passengers, and is specifically designed with strong engines and shallow drafts for high maneuverability in isolated channels, fjords and icy waters with minimal wildlife disruption. The ship has a high ice-class and offer knowledge centres on board where you can enjoy fascinating lectures. Excursions are led by expert expedition teams in Zodiac Dinghies. Appropriate expedition clothing and boots are provided on the MV Ocean Atlantic.

Find out more about our exciting new range of expedition cruises here.

MV Ocean AtlanticMV Ocean Atlantic

Ocean liners

Our favourite ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2, cruises for seven days across the Atlantic from Southampton to New York City. She is big and beautiful with a host of activities and areas on board to lose yourself this luxurious style of cruising. Operated by Cunard, the Queen Mary 2 offers one of the most immersive and luxury experiences onboard any ocean liner today, with a timeless and classic feel to the interior and a great selection of indulgent accommodations and dining experiences to choose from. Once you arrive in the USA, your hotel-based tour begins in New York City. Stay here for a few nights or continue your journey across land to Niagara Falls before flying back to the UK.

The newest additons to our ocean cruise collection are the Azamara Quest, Azamara Journey and Azamara Pursuit. These mid-sized ocean cruise ships offer everything a modern explorer could desire onboard. Carrying just over 700 passengers each, the deck plan feels sociable but never crowded. Delightful dining options await you onboard as well as spa treatments, entertainment centres and spacious cabins and suites.

Discover our full ocean cruising collection here.

Queen Mary 2Queen Mary 2

Small ships

With a friendly crew and informal atmosphere, lively bar and partly open-air dining area, the 180-foot MV Yasawa Princess is the perfect small ship for an intimate cruise around the remarkable atolls of the Maldives.

This cosy small ship has just 28 cabins across four passenger decks, with a swim platform and PADI dive centre on board.

Find out more about our Maldives cruises here.

MS Yasawa PrincessMV Yasawa Princess

Tall ships

For our Mediterranean Odyssey cruise, we sail on the Royal Clipper, operated by Star Clippers. It has 42 sails across five masts and carries 223 passengers. The outstanding ship is proof that craftsmanship is very much alive: rich hardwoods, polished brass, wrought-iron fittings and marble are beautifully complemented by deep-pile carpets and sophisticated furnishings. It’s perfect for those who seek a genuine sailing experience and wish to rediscover a maritime tradition without sacrificing creature comforts.

Royal ClipperRoyal Clipper

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