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Known by the Thai people as “land of freedom,” Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia never colonised by a European power – thanks to a long succession of Siamese rulers who held both French Indochina and the British Empire at bay. With a culture shaped by many influences from India, China, Laos, Burma and Cambodia, Thailand’s strong identity is characterised by its national religion, Theravada Buddhism. Thais are renowned worldwide for their hospitality, generosity and politeness - and for their mouthwatering cuisine.

So what a rewarding choice your tour of Thailand will be as it takes you into the heart of this delightful, frequently astonishing country.

Once a small 15th century trading post, Bangkok is now Thailand’s exotic, vibrant capital. Its cultural and religious icons - the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the spectacular Grand Palace and the astonishing 150 foot long reclining golden Buddha of Wat Pho - are quite breathtaking. But your Thailand tour will also take you deep into the rural beauty and enchanting scenery of verdant orchards, palm trees and picturesque paddy fields where the way of life has hardly changed for centuries. You’ll discover the famous unspoilt Golden Triangle where the Mekongand Ruak rivers meet, the ancient city of Chiang Saen, and the rainforest hills deep in Chiang Rai province that are home to the Royal Villa of the King’s mother.

There’s another more recent and poignant side to your Thailand tour as well – the forced labours of WWII allied POWs to build the infamous bridge over the River Kwai and ‘Death Railway’ under the most terrible of conditions. You’ll see them both close up in the most moving way, travelling by long-tail boat and then train. But at the end of your fabulous tour of Thailand there’s time for relaxation too at Hua Hin on the tropical shores of the Gulf of Thailand - the resort of choice for the Thai Royal family themselves.

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