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Last updated 8 July 2021

How much are the tests likely to cost?
The tests you will need are likely to cost between £60 and £100.

Will I be expected to pay for any tests required?
It is expected that individual travellers will be required to pay for the testing.

What if I test positive when taking the pre-departure test before I return to the UK?
Should you test positive then you will be required to follow the guidelines of the country you are in. You will most likely be required to take a PCR test to confirm if you do have Covid-19, and then if positive, a period of self-isolation is likely to be required before you are able to return to the UK.

Who will pay for my accommodation, meals, and return travel back to the UK if I have to self-isolate in another country?
You should check with your travel insurance to see if your existing policy covers that.
Many policies, including our own, will cover this, although it is likely there will be a limit.

What if someone else in the group tests positive?
It is likely to fall under the policies of the country you are in and the level of contact you have had with the person who has tested positive. It may be that you will need to have a PCR test yourself and if you present a negative result, you will be able to travel home.

What happens if the PCR test I need to take after returning to the UK is positive?
You will need to follow UK guidelines in relation to receiving a positive test, which will involve a period of self-isolation.