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Tours to Cyprus

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An Eastern Mediterranean island country of two halves with a variety of cultural treats, spectacularly lovely weather and beautiful natural wonders, Cyprus is a one of kind holiday destination. The history of this beautiful island is one of frequent battles for control, with the Greeks, Turks, Egyptians, Persians, French, Venetians, Ottomans and Brits fighting for it at various points over the centuries. This has given it a hugely varied culture and history that remains to this day with the split between the Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, which are divided by a UN buffer zone. Despite all of this drama over the years, Cyprus is a hugely popular tourist destination, and it’s no surprise when you see how stunning it really is. If anything, the unique political situation makes for an even more interesting destination.

Our Northern Cyprus tour takes you to Nicosia, the last divided capital in the world and a gorgeous old town, split between the Turkish north part of the city and the Greek south part. Another highlight is the beautiful port city of Kyrenia, which sits between imposing mountains and the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean, where amongst the sights to see there is a 3,000-year-old shipwreck. Then there’s a castle that is believed to be amongst the inspirations for the famous Snow White castle in Disneyland - St Hilarion. Built in the 10th Century atop a hill in the Kyrenia Mountain Range, and now in ruins, it commands breathtaking views across the island. You’ll also explore the east coast and visit ancient Salamis, an archaeological site that dates back to the 11th Century. There’s the remains of an amphitheatre, a gymnasium, baths, pillars and mosaics, plus many other examples of the architectural wonders of the ancient Greeks, made all the more impressive by its beautiful, natural setting.

Cyprus is an island of contrasts and variety, shaped by the forces that have controlled it throughout its history and its geographical position at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. It’s an island of rugged natural beauty and our Northern Cyprus tour will guide you through both the famous and the obscure highlights of this incredible and unique destination.


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Arches of gothic Bellapais Abbey | Bellapais, Cyprus
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