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The Douro, Oporto and Salamanca River Cruise

Having done the Rhine & Danube with you we have some experience now. The weather was atrocious as you must know to your cost?? incurred in having to make so much adjustments to your schedule as the excess rain necessitated the closure of the River to all cruise boats.
The efforts by Mario the Director and ALL the staff was brilliant as they had to use a Hotel in Porto and adjust the tours etc.
This was our seventh holiday with Riviera and were now looking at next year in France.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Review by Ray & Mary West on 19 May 2016

Good morning.
We have just returned from the Douro, Oporto and Salamanca river cruise. I would like to thank everyone at Riviera for yet another splendid holiday.
I have to mention the two excursions where we had dinner off the ship. I am normally skeptical of these ‘special evenings’, but on this occasion they were brilliant.
The food, wine and entertainment far exceeded my expectation. Once again thank you.

Review by Geoff Turner on 31 July 2015

Our third holiday with Riviera, but our first River Cruise. Lovely boat, Great itinerary made even better by Paul and his team.
I would agree with the comments made about the meals off the boat that were really great.
The holiday is really informal, so only take a jacket if you really feel you must.
Planning to do a Rhine trip next.

Review by Neil Doak on 17 August 2015

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