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South Africa For Solo Travellers

This was my first solo traveller holiday, although I have travelled with Riviera before. I need not have been apprehensive at all - a group of 24 great individuals who all bonded well. Excellent organisation from Nikki and an amazing local guide Gavin. Wonderful sights, great hotels, fantastic wildlife in Kruger - just a brilliant holiday. Already booked my next one - Vietnam here I come!!!!

Review by: Jenni Gowan on 02/10/2019

South Africa For Solo Travellers

Just back from a fantastic trip to South Africa. This was my second solo trip with Riviera. Numbers were kept to 25 so the group was able to mix well. Organisation excellent and our tour manager, Kay, could not be faulted. Organising people calmly and efficiently without letting them realise they are being organised is definitely an art! Kruger national park was amazing. Hotels were of high standard. A wonderful but very large country- our knowledge of its provinces and history enhanced by our excellent local guide. I can recommend this trip and may well repeat it myself

Review by: Ruth on 10/09/2018

South Africa For Solo Travellers

Just got back from South Africa for Solo Travellers. Excellent tour. Hotels were all very good, rooms were huge and food was excellent throughout. Our tour leader, Kay and tour guide, Canaan were both knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. They went out of their way to make our holiday both safe and enjoyable. There was enough time to enjoy every aspect of this tour without feeling like you’re being hurried. There is enough down time or free time to do what you want. I think I picked the right time of year to do this tour. It was early spring in Kruger so not so many mosquitoes around, though you still have to stay safe in that respect. Temperatures in Kruger varied from 7 degrees in the early morning up to 37 degrees by noon, so pack for wearing layers in the north part of South Africa. In the southern part the climate was similar to a warm British spring. I can’t believe the experiences I’ve had, the scenery I’ve seen and the company of my fellow travellers was great.

Review by: Ruth J. on 10/09/2018

South Africa For Solo Travellers

I had an adventure with Riviera Travel in South Africa returning to the UK yesterday. I never thought that I'd ever go to Africa let alone South Africa but this trip was amazing. Every day was well organised by Kay our Tour Leader , the history was brought alive by Canaan our Tour Guide. We found out another part of the South African story every day. The wildlife was amazing too. Each hotel was comfortable, the staff could not do enough for us. Highlights were going on safari , spotting whales off Hermanus and Table Mountain. But Flying by South African Airways was cramped. Not for long haul. Undiscovered South Africa would be good. Thank you Norma Kelly.

Review by: Norma Kelly on 10/09/2018

South Africa For Solo Travellers

Wonderful holiday exceeded my hopes, first time as a solo traveller . Many thanks to Jani & Alan who went the extra mile for us cannot recommend them or the tour highly enough. Hope to join you again before to long.

Review by: j. james on 02/08/2017

South Africa For Solo Travellers

I have just returned from South Africa and am amazed at how much we managed to fit in. Jean was our tour guide and I can't praise her enough. She was really good fun, attentive and knowledgeable. Even when the weather was too bad to get up Table Mountain, she redesigned the itinerary and managed to get us up the following day - in brilliant sunshine! The animals at Kruger were amazing and although that was out of Jean's control, we saw so many different species that even the guide was surprised. A perfect trip. The hotels and food could not be faulted. I am just looking at their brochure to see where my next adventure will be.

Review by: Beverley Luckman on 02/08/2017

South Africa For Solo Travellers

Just to say how much I enjoyed the trip to South Africa, It was very well organised Karen was terrific as a tour manager, I shall hope to join another tour in the near future.

Review by: Gillian Barber on 17/05/2017

South Africa For Solo Travellers

Just to say that I have just arrived back from my tour of S Africa which I booked with you .

I cannot praise enough the standard of the hotels, and the quality of the organisation. Everything was perfect – right down to the last detail.

Everyone put me at ease as this is the first time that I have been on a solo holiday.

The tour guides Karen Holliday and Warwick Baker were absolutely first class and they are a credit to your organisation.

The drivers Phineas and Malcom were lovely and were extremely competent drivers.

Please can we have more solo holidays – there are plenty of single people out there !

Thank you so much again

Review by: Julie Eldem on 17/05/2017

South Africa For Solo Travellers

This was very easily the best holiday I've ever had, it was brilliant. It was made very simple from start to finish, all thanks to our tour guides Karen and Warwick. Nothing was too much trouble for them. All excursions I asked about, Karen tried her best to sort them out. She was cheerful and energetic at all times. My favourite part was Kruger safari it was amazing seeing the animals in there natural environment. I took some fantastic photos, we were very lucky with how many animals we got to see. All the hotels were unique in there own way and very comfortable. As one of the youngest of the group I was unsure of what to expect, but everybody was extremely friendly and I was immediately put at ease, I was never made to feel alone. So to anyone hesitating on booking this trip just do it you will have the time of your life, I did.

Review by: Craig Yallop on 17/05/2017

South Africa For Solo Travellers

After a few days into my South Africa solo Tour I decided that I will retire from my present job, and become a Mystery Shopper for Riviera what a fabulous job that will be they don't have to pay me, I volunteer for the job, so if someone at Riviera could sort that out for me I would be eternally grateful. I cannot praise this company enough I had such a super time, and Karen our tour guide especially I was very very nervous when I arrived at Heathrow but she immediately put me at ease, and made each and everyone of us feel important and secure and that whatever we did or wanted to do she was there, what a fabulous woman. It was worth going on this holiday just for the bedrooms,, especially at the Devon Winelands I didn't even bother with dinner that night, I just wanted to get into the bath, (it's a long time since I had a bath) but I had to and the bed was just calling me it looked like the type you would find in a magazine, and don't get me started on the bedroom on the Night Safari the shower, you had to use the shower just for the experience, which sounds a bit odd but you have to go there and then you will see what I mean, I was expecting Stewart Granger to walk into my bedroom, (Google him), our Battlesfield tour guide Warick was brilliant the de-brief after Rourkes Drift was very interesting I could go on and on, ooh the animals! how could I forget them,I was not disappointed , the whole tour went far far beyond what I thought it was going to be like, so if your thinking of booking a South Africa Tour, don't think - book straight away I promise you, you WILL NOT be disappointed, a fabulous fabulous holiday, thank you once again Riviera and especially Karen and Warick. (there I've finished)

Review by: Hilary varley on 17/05/2017

South Africa For Solo Travellers

Absolutely fantastic holiday. Thank you to Karen and Warwick our tour guides,as nothing was too much trouble for them.

I know this was the first solo travellers tour for Riviera, and all I can say is if you're on your own, go on this one as you won't be on your own, as soon as you get on the bus, new friends are made. The included trips are amazing, as are the optional ones, especially, for me, the day safari, seeing all the animals, and knowing they are truly wild.

The only thing I would say, and it's not a negative, is that take plenty of cash, while the 'safe' ATM's were pointed out to us, we always went in pairs, just in case. Everything IS much cheaper than here, but you will need cash, more than cards.

That being said, and I've only been home a day, this is THE best tour I have ever been on, and I've been travelling alone on tours for 20 years. All the hotels were really good, with spacious rooms, and the food excellent.

Thank you Riviera, more solo tours please, there are a lot of single people out there, but especially for the Africa tour. Amazing!

Review by: Susan Bean on 17/05/2017

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