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Water to Go

Drink clean water anywhere 
with Water-to-Go


We have partnered with Water-to-Go, a UK-based water filtration bottle company, to offer our customers a way to drink clean water, anywhere in the world. In turn, this will reduce the need for single-use plastic bottles on our holidays across Asia, Africa, South America and beyond, where tap water is not safe for tourists to drink. 

In India, for example, we know that the tap water is not safe to drink for many of us, and so we rely on plastic bottles of fresh water throughout the day to keep us hydrated. Riviera Travel are committed to reducing the amount of single-use plastic we use, as we’re sure you are too. Now, with the impressive technology behind Water-to-Go filters, you can safely drink the water from any tap, stream or river without risk to your health. 


Benefits of a Water-to-Go bottle


  • Drink from any non-saltwater source in the world.
  • Ideal for travel to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Central and South America.
  • Use it at home and filter your own tap water for a purer taste.
  • Resuable, hardwearing bottles and fully biodegradable filters.
  • Reduce your single-use plastic waste at home and abroad.
  • Save money on bottled mineral water costs.
  • Filter out harmful metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, parasites, waterborne pathogens, harmful microplastics and more! Read the full list here.

About Water-to-Go


Water-to-Go’s mission is simple. Their goal is to protect people’s health and wellbeing by offering safe drinking water anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost. They also care about the planet, so whilst keeping people hydrated, they are also enthusiastic about environmentally friendly, reusable alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles.

How it works


The water bottle has a unique filter, made of three different technologies that combine to eliminate 99.9% of microbiological contaminants from any non-saltwater source in the world. The filter is detachable, so you can use the bottle without it when you’re at home, and the filter is also 100% biodegradable, so you don’t need to worry about waste. Read more about how it works here.


Get 15% off bottles and filters with RIVIERA discount code


Discount for Riviera Travel customers


When you purchase a bottle from Water-to-Go using the discount code, exclusive to Riviera Travel guests, you will receive 15% off the advertised price of the bottle and filters. 

Not only will our customers receive a discount, but the profit we make will be donated to a Toilet Twinning programme. The charity helps to bring education around safe and sanitary toilet facilities to impoverished families and communities across the globe. Click here to find out more about Toilet Twinning.  



How to purchase a bottle


Simply click here to visit the Water-to-Go website. There, you can purchase either a 50cl or 75cl bottle, and as many refills as you would like. Each bottle comes with one filter.

Enter the discount code RIVIERA at the checkout and receive 15% off your order (excluding postage and packaging).