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River Cruises in Vietnam

Journeying along the Mekong River is a fantastic way to take in the captivating sights and sounds of Vietnam ’s vibrant cities and beautiful natural landscape. A river cruise in Vietnam will transport you between the modern marvels of Ho Chi Minh City and the ancient wonders you can discover as you travel upriver. With a complex past spanning thousands of years which saw Vietnam be part of Imperial China, undergo French colonisation, Japanese occupation, and conflict with the USA, there’s rich layers of history to uncover as you get a closer look at modern day Vietnam and discover how it has transformed.

Following the Mekong river, our Vietnam river cruise visits fascinating historical landmarks like the Cu Chi tunnels which were used by the Vietcong during their conflict with the United States, as well as an array of traps and pitfalls which made use of the landscape around them. These extraordinary artifacts have been perfectly preserved to give visitors a uniquely close look into the tumultuous conflict. In contrast to this more fearsome side of Vietnam’s history, the gorgeous, Western-influenced architecture gives a more glamourous glimpse into the impact made by other countries on Vietnam’s cultural fabric. Both Ho Chi Minh’s Notre Dame and the Cai Be Cathedral showcase the lofty spires and French Gothic features which stand out within their respective cities, contrasting with the authentic pagodas like the Jade Emperor Pagoda and Giac Lam Pagoda which are typically associated with Eastern cultures.

Our tour through Vietnam makes several stops at some of the lesser known areas of the country, giving you the opportunity to absorb some of the more authentic cultural sites as we glide along the river. As we venture deep into the heart of Vietnam, watching the sun bathe the river in a gorgeous golden glow gives your journey a sense of otherworldliness as you explore the secrets which make Vietnam such a captivating destination.

Our River Cruises in Vietnam

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