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Cruising in summer couldn’t be better? European city streets are alive with the buzz of travellers enjoying a relaxing coffee or meandering through tree-lined avenues, shopping bags in-hand. In most destinations, you can pack light this season. Enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple on the ship’s sundeck, with the warm evening air of summertime wrapped around you.   

Nature is in full bloom in summer - from Egyptian pelicans in the Danube Delta to the lush greenery that lines the rivers, offering vibrant and picturesque views from your comfortable cabin.

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Porto during the morning

Top 5 Summer River Cruises to Choose from

Summer is a wonderful time to explore Europe’s beautiful waterways. Azure-blue skies, warm temperatures, and sun-drenched days that stretch into late evening provide a delightful backdrop to sightseeing some of the remarkable cities and towns that line the Rhine, Douro, Danube, and Rhône rivers.


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