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River cruise crew standing outside a ship


Your Riviera Travel experience starts from the moment you speak to our friendly reservations team. Our experts have first-hand experience of our river cruise holidays and will help you at every stage of your booking. They are available seven days a week to answer your questions, give personal recommendations and provide reassurance.

Every detail is meticulously inspected before a friendly crew welcomes you on board. From ship to shore the professional crew ensure customers receive unparalleled standards of service and comfort. All our ships have an excellent ratio of crew to guests, so you are guaranteed personal attention. Working closely with the Riviera Travel cruise director, the English-speaking crew will anticipate your every need in a manner which is intuitive and efficient, yet discreet and friendly. 


Executive Housekeeper, MS William Wordsworth

Agung Executive Houekeeper

Watch Agung's video

Agung is the Executive Housekeeper on-board the MS William Wordsworth and is in charge of all the Housekeeping crew, and the high standards of cleanliness and quality throughout the ship.

"What I like about working on board is I can meet with the guests and chit-chat with the guests. I can know what they want."


  Hotel Manager, MS William Wordsworth 

Alina Hotel Manager

Watch Alina's video

Alina is the MS William Wordsworth Hotel Manager, she oversees everything that happens on board from managing the crew, the kitchen, the overall quality and making sure our guests are having a wonderful time. 

"We need to exceed the guests’ expectations, so quality is the most important."


Reservations team member

Jane Travel Consultant


Jane has been a Travel Consultant in our reservations team for six years and has travelled extensively, providing authentic knowledge of our holidays and friendly advice to our customers.

"My personal experience of our first-class river cruises and typical life on board means I can give helpful advice and guidance to our customers."


Cruise Director

Cruise director Hanna on the Danube river

Watch Hanna's video

Hanna is a Cruise Director on the Rhine, Danube and Moselle rivers, plus the Black Sea cruise.

"We have travelling in our blood, and we get to show off the places that we're enthusiastic about."


Executive Chef

Suhendro, Executive Chef on Riviera Travel ships

Watch Suhendro's video

Suhendro is an Executive Chef on our ships. He's been working in kitchens for 17 years.

"When they taste it and they like it, that's my goal. If the guests are happy then I'm happy and the crew are happy."


Cruise Director

Cruise Director Lale on the Douro RiverWatch Lale's video

Lale is a Cruise Director for our Douro, Porto & Salamanca river cruise.

"People hardly spend any time in their cabins because they're hooked to this family ambience that we create."


Captain, MS Emily Brontë

Captain Gabor on the MS Emily Bronte cruise ship

Watch Gabor's video

Gabor is a Captain of our luxury five-star ship, the MS Emily Brontë.

"The door of the wheel house is always open and I can show how the controls work, which is a real pleasure for the guests."


Cruise Director

Cruise director Tony on the Rhone river

Watch Tony's video

Tony is a Cruise Director on the French rivers - the Rhône and the Seine.

"It’s the perfect way to see some of the most beautiful parts of Europe without a different hotel every night. Your hotel moves so you don’t have to."


Cruise Director

Anette cruise director on the Moselle

Watch Anette's video

Anette is a Cruise Director on the Rhine and Moselle rivers and has been with Riviera Travel for 21 years.

"We’re here to enhance and help, to make it the perfect holiday you’ll never forget."


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