Seducing travellers by its first class culture, food, art and undeniable joie de vivre, it’s hardly surprising that France attracts more than 80 million visitors a year, making it the wold’s top tourist destination.

From the quiet rural beauty of Normandy to the vibrant bustle of Paris, from the cool serenity of its mighty rivers like the Seine and the Rhone to the dry heat of historic Provence and from the picturesque vine-clad slopes of Burgundy to the soaring majesty of the French Alps, it hardly

seems possible that such rich diversity could be contained in one relatively small country.

The French love of food and wine is beyond comparison and it boasts a cuisine that’s widely acknowledged as one of the very finest in the world, with more Michelin starred restaurants than any other country. Every town and village seems to have its own unique gastronomic speciality whilst evocative names like Champagne, Calvados, Bordeaux and Beaujolais carry their reputation before them. French cheeses are equally famous too - just think of Brie, Camembert

and Roquefort for starters.

Culturally too, there can be no disputing France’s staggering achievements: from Roman temples to Renaissance chateaux, its outstanding museums and world-class galleries, from its invention of cinema and “haute couture” the list goes on. So with all this on offer and more, there can be fewer destinations more appealing. Allez!

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