River Cruises in Egypt

River Cruises in Egypt

When you think of a river cruise, you might immediately picture floating down the Nile in luxury, seeing the most amazing sights along the way. That’s exactly what you get with our Egyptian river cruises. Any trip to one of the oldest civilisations in the world is a special one, with so much history and culture to take in, plus all the benefits of a luxury river cruise, this holiday will be one to remember.

So much of what we know as life today originated in ancient Egypt, from organised religion to government to agriculture and writing, and civilisation there dates back all the way to the 6th–4th millennia BCE. The Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings are amongst the greatest historical treasures to be found anywhere in the world and they can all be seen here, making a cruise in Egypt an essential trip for everyone to make at least once in their lives.

The Giza Pyramid Complex is the only one of the Ancient Wonders of the World that still exists. At over 4,500 years old, it’s an architectural achievement that has to be seen to be believed, and even as recently as the 19th Century, the Pyramid of Khufu was still the tallest building on Earth. Even older though is the Pyramid of Djoser, or the ‘step-pyramid’ - one of the oldest stone structures in the world, albeit far less famous or as frequently visited as the Giza Pyramids. One of the benefits of going on a cruise to Egypt like ours is that you get to see more than just the obvious tourist destinations, giving you glimpses of ancient Egypt that you wouldn’t otherwise see, like the city of Armana, the capital ruled over by Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti, otherwise known as Tutankhamun’s parents. It’s an important part of Egyptian history and fascinating destination, but not as popular with tourists as somewhere like the Egyptian Museum, where you can see Tutankhamun’s famous Golden Mask.

On our river cruises in Egypt, you can enjoy both the classic highlights of a bucket-list trip to Egypt as well as the lesser known delights, all while experiencing the kind of luxury cruising that would have suited the Pharaohs themselves.