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Age Range on Bruges, Italy or Spain trips?

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07 May 2017, 23:57  

I am a recently widowed 50 year old woman coming to terms with holidays alone and wondered what age range to expect on the Bruges trip or the Classical Italy or Classical Spain trips? I rang and spoke to a member of the Riviera team on Friday and was told that most customers on these trips were in their 70's or 80's. Is that the experience of others on here as I am not sure whether to try one of these or not? I would really appreciate anyone else's experiences. I am looking at travelling in June, and would be interested if anyone else is booked on any of these trips.

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Good morning.

Across all of our tours for solo travellers, the majority of people travelling are in their 60s and 70s. These trips do tend to attract people of all ages and we find that people don't really think too much about ages once on the trip as everyone gets on together. Hope that helps?

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hi crafty I'm going on the Italy tour in July ,have not been with riviera before but with another company I found that the average age was more fifty to seventy , I'm 57 myself .Last year I went on a Spain tour and met quite a few people I got on well with,in fact five of us meet up every couple of months for a meal and catch-up.on our last night out I found out that the person I got on with the most was seventy and he was one of the most lively on the trip.So don't worry about ages and just go and enjoy the experience .regards phil

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i am also going to Italy!

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Welcome Maria which airport are you flying from

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Anyone going to Classical Italy in June ?

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hello, I'm going to Bruges and am in my fifties. I don't mind how old people are... well unless they are all mid-twenties I suppose!

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