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Bruges 18 April 2018

Have you been on a Riviera Travel holiday for solo travelllers? You can leave your review in this forum.

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22 May 2018, 09:09  

Review left at our Testimonials page: https://www.rivieratravel.co.uk/testimonials/bruges-for-solo-travellers

This was my first holiday in years let alone being my first solo holiday. I was the youngest of all the other travellers but I had a great time as they were all extremely friendly and my nerves were soon replaced with laughter. The hotel was great (I had the best nights sleep throughout my stay) and was always easy to find after a long day of exploring. A warning though if you take your own towels don't take white one as they may get picked up with the one provided by the hotel. A BIG THANK YOU to Angus for all his knowledge and service. with a tinge of sadness it was a shame Eurostar changes our return seats and I was unable to say thank you and goodbye to my fellow travellers.

Review by: Marian on 18/04/2018

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