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24 Sep 2018, 16:24  

Hello, I just started a new post re India and Shimla tour 15 november 2018 and wondered if anyone would like to recommend things to take. What about vaccinations? I've been on the Fitfor travel website and there seems to be a very long list of recommendations.

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06 Oct 2018, 10:06  

I am going on this tour - the first I have ever been on like this. Feeling a little apprehensive but looking forward to it. I have got an appointment with the practice nurse for a flu vac and advice! I think Hepatitis A and Tetanus is advisable but I am already covered for that. I don't think Malaria tablets are necessary - but happy to hear what other people think. I shall be taking the normal items of anti-histamine, tummy and bowel remedies for just in case and Deet mosquito repellent. Clothes wise - lots of loose layers. Warmer clothing for Shimla. Something to cover arms as respect when in religious areas and comfortable shoes. What about money? GBP or Dollars or Indian cash? Card and cash? Has everyone done their VISA yet?

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Dear Snowy,

It looks like you've got everything pretty much covered - well done. With regards to money obviously everyone's circumstances and needs are different, but I can say that the Indian rupee is what's known as a "closed currency", which means that you can neither buy it outside of India or take it out with you. Therefore you have to purchase it once you get to India. And whilst US dollars probably get you a slightly better rate of exchange than GBP in India, any benefit is lost (and then some) if you're exchanging your GBP for dollars here in the UK. You're probably best off just taking GBP with you. Your tour manager will help arrange money change at reasonable rates once you're there. And whilst cash is still king in India, debit cards can be used to withdraw money from local ATMs and credit cards are also accepted in a growing number of places (just remember to inform your bank that you will be travelling before you go). Generally the best bet is to have a range of options (cash, debit card, credit card) so that should one fail then you have a back-up.

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I returned from a solo tour to India and Shimla in November. I loved every minute. The hotels were all magnificent and the places we visited spectacular. We were so lucky to see two tigers at Ranthambore. Our British guide Gill clearly had a lot of organisation to do which she did professionally and without issue. Our Indian guide Sanjay was excellent. He was really knowledgeable and it is a must to have a Hindi speaker which helped in so many situations. Both our driver and bus boy were brilliant. I cannot imagine driving on Indian roads. One small thing regarding them. I understand they don’t sleep in the hotel. They ought to. Some friends are returning today from a tour with another company. It is clear to me the tour did not match up to Riviera. For example, on the last day they were up at 4.00 to return from Agra to fly home. The last night really needs to be spent in Delhi. They also seemed to have much free time when little was organised. In my opinion India is somewhere where it is not so easy to be independent. I am now looking forward to visiting Vietnam and Cambodia in March with another Riviera solo tour.

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Traveling from Manchester to Heathrow then on virgin Atlantic to Delhi on the 28/10/19
Anyone els out there doing the same? Lynne

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