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Pre-paid card or travellers cheques?

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05 Dec 2018, 16:13  

I'm booked on the Sri Lanka trip in January, can you advise please is it best to take a pre-paid card for funds (will we have regular access to ATM's) or can you still change travellers cheques in the hotels, if so, which is best to take sterling or dollar? thank you.

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Erik RivieraTravel
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06 Dec 2018, 09:33  

Dear Linda,

As a general rule I would not recommend taking traveller's cheques for travel as they are accepted less and less these days. Instead a mix of cash and card (whether that's a pre-paid one or a credit/debit card will depend on you - some credit/debit cards give good rates when travelling, whereas others do not, so best to check with your card provider) as there will be opportunities to exchange money or take money out of ATMs when over there.

If you already have dollars then they are useful, however if you have to change sterling to get dollars in the first place then you will be losing out and then just take sterling - it is widely accepted.

I hope that helps.


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