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09 Sep 2016, 13:58  

Hi, I have booked for "Classic Spain" next summer. I know it is a long way off but I was just wondering what happens when I get to the airport? do I check in myself and then meet the tour leader when I get to Spain? How does the group get together?

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09 Sep 2016, 14:35  

Hi, hope you are well.

When you get to whichever regional airport you are flying from you will be met by your tour manager or, if the tour manager is flying from a different airport, a member of the UK based Go Solo team will be there. They will help you to check in and help you on your way. You will be able to spot other members of the group easily by their luggage labels. Once in Spain you will be gathered together as soon as you have collected your luggage and will soon be on your way to Mijas together.

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31 Jan 2017, 16:37  

hi im a nervous first time traveller and rang to ask these questions, im afraid the operator I spoke to was not sure about any of my questions?? so I would like to double check this please, Im intrested in the Classic tour of Italy tour, are you met at the uk airport by a rep? do you sit near the group on the plane? do you eat together and socialise together in the evening, and are all the transfers included? im afraid the operator could only inform me that it was new to Riviera and she didn't know?? thankyou

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13 Feb 2017, 13:12  

Hi there, I hope you are doing well.

You will be met at the airport by either the tour manager or another member of the Riviera team.

It really depends on many factors whereabouts you are sat on the plane, sometimes you will be sat together, but not necessarily all times.

People absolutely tend to socialise and eat together at meal times - that's one of the great things about the solo holidays.

All the transfers to and from the airport as well as for all the included excursions are included.

Let us know if you need anything else?

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15 Jun 2017, 08:01  

Can i arrive airport of spain at time because because i have a another air fair after that

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15 Jun 2017, 08:09  

Hi there, can I just check that I understand correctly. You will be taking an additional flight on your way back from Spain. Are you booked onto our Classical Spain holiday?

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