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10 Oct 2019, 13:17  

You're welcome Julie. Yes, we currently have 24 spaces left and 17 confirmed on the tour.

Best wishes,

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10 Oct 2019, 14:37  

Thank you

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11 Oct 2019, 14:31  

I am thinking of booking the Bruges trip in March. Like you am very apprehensive, but having read so many positive reviews about Riviera I look forward to the experience. Hopefully will see you there.

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11 Oct 2019, 18:41  

Hi fellow solo travellers, I’ve just booked Madeira Pearl of the Atlantic departing from Bristol 25th November is anybody else going on this trip ?

This is my first solo trip has lost my partner in December, I’m feeling very apprehensive.
Would love to have a chat with anybody.

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20 Oct 2019, 15:09  

Hello - I too am a first time solo traveller. I am going from Manchester to Budapest to board the William Wordsworth. A bit daunting with an undercurrent of excitement isn't it.
I booked after reading all the marvellous reviews so I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

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29 Nov 2019, 23:27  

Hi there, i was wondering to visit the California at the end of the month. Is it good time to visit the California, i too am a first time traveller for California. Any type of suggestion will be highly appreciated. So share with me if anybody have experience of California visit also the most visited destinations of travellers as Conejo Valley and around there places.

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17 Jan 2020, 15:12  

Hi Alan
Not seen your post until now. I am a newbie first time solo traveller. I was unsure about booking first trip, but my taster trip is a 3 night break to Bruges in March and travelling on the Eurostar (a first for me). I didn't want to book a longer break in case it wasn't for me.
I hope you get a holiday booked and enjoy it.

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25 Jan 2020, 17:30  

I lost my partner just over a year ago. I feel I am ready to go away on my own for first time. I will probably go to Italy (our favourite destination) but as yet am undecided as to which holiday. Are we given some time to just be alone if we wish?

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