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26 Oct 2016, 15:33  

hi im new to the forum, im thinking of booking a solo holiday but TERRIFIED as ive never been away on my own before! got a few questions, is there a rep to meet you at the uk airport? or where do you all meet? ive never actually flown before on my own so would be great to meet someone at the airport who is going on the same trip, are the groups really large and varied ages? do you have meals together and socialise together in the evenings? sorry about all the questions, but I would hate to be sitting there like billy no mates hiding behind a book at mealtimes lol, the holidays look fab, im going to have a good look then book one, will let you all know which one I go for in due course

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26 Oct 2016, 15:50  

Hi Crystal Bling! :D

very cool name by the way 8-)

I've been on a few escorted tours and people have always been very nice and very sociable. You will always get one or two who keep themselves to themselves :? but that's OK

nothing to be terrified about! just go for it!

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27 Oct 2016, 07:46  

Hi there,

welcome to the forum!

we have compiled a frequently asked questions section on our website which will hopefully give you a good insight into some of your questions

I hope that helps?

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28 Oct 2016, 13:22  

Hi Crystal, I have done a few holidays with Riviera before as a single traveller - but not one of the new ones which are just for us singles!

On the holidays i have done before I have met some other people at the departure gate, it's usually pretty obvious who is on your tour just by looking at them (and they are often holding their Riviera documents of course!). I think I read somewhere on here that there is a member of staff to meet you at the airport, but I could be mixed up, The evenings were very sociable on all the tours I have done, people tended to get together in groups and head off or eat in the hotel together. That was the main thing I worried about before, but once you get there it is really nice and easy - just go with the flow!

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15 Nov 2016, 17:16  

Hi fellow travellers, really never been on a holiday by myself and am just a bit out of my comfort zone. Need a bit of reassurance that I would be met at the airport etc, If not, is there an assembly point to meet fellow travellers arranged pre departure by Riviera Travel?

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Hi Carol,

regardless of which airport you are flying from you will be met there either by your tour manager if they are also flying from there, or by a member of our team who will help you with check in and suggest where to find other members of the group (usually one of the coffee shops in the terminal) - then you will soon spot other travellers with their turquoise Riviera luggage labels so you know you are all part of the same group.

Hope that helps? we are here to help if you have any other queries :-)

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I feel the same ...very nervous...but have booked my holiday for next year!.......go for it....I know I will be sooo scared but think..you only live once and just because I am on my own now, I'm not going to let it stop me....hope you book yours too

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Hi everyone , I'm a new member also I'm looking at a cruise for Easter quite fancy a nice break :) I've been on a singles holiday before with Solitaire but have read so many shocking reviews I thought I would try somewhere new ! It's always scarey but your soon at ease when you meet everyone else as your all in the same boat , so has anyone booked a cruise ? Jean

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30 Mar 2017, 15:41  

I've been on a Riviera cruise before as a single traveller and had a wonderful time. Everyone was very friendly and the crew and Rivera reps looked after me really well. I've booked one for 2018 and really looking forward to it. This year I'm on a cruise, but going with a friend.

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30 Apr 2017, 08:26  

Hello... I have just registered...I also feel very nervous as never been on a holiday on my own, it's a special birthday for me in January and I would really like to go somewhere special as I haven't got any one to go with ... After reading some of the forum I see there are other like minded people and I already am starting to feel a little relaxed ... I am going to look through the holidays and see what I fancy

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