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08 Sep 2016, 09:14  

Good morning everyone

My name is Daphne from Bromley in Kent

I've been travelling on solo/single holidays for the past couple of years since losing my husband and have had a lot of fun trying out different companies. Great to see this week's Radio Times advert for this new company to add to the mix as well - although Riviera aren't technically new of course!

I shall look forward to having a look through the brochure when it arrives

So how is everyone today? I'm super and enjoying this lovely September warmth!

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08 Sep 2016, 10:37  

Hello Daphne,

I'm Beryl from Bedworth - nice to meet you!

I've not been on a singles holiday before - would you mind saying how you find the eating arrangements? do people dine alone? or in groups? I'm thinking of going to South Africa for the first time!

19th Hole
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08 Sep 2016, 11:32  

Hello all, I'm Rob and it's nice to meet you!

I've been with one two other singles companies - one just for golf though. on the tour I did in Canada everyone either ate together as one big group or sometimes ate in smaller groups, but nobody ever ate on their own at all - everyone is in the same boat so there is a nice sociable atmosphere

The Chief
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08 Sep 2016, 12:12  

Hello to you too Daphne (and all)

and yes, what a lovely start we have had to September, long may it continue.

I'm not sure if I will be going on holiday next year or if I might save up for a big one in 2018. I can get a little too easily tempted though!

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08 Sep 2016, 13:14  

good afternoon one and all!

I'm Patsy from Tamworth - I've been with Riviera a few times but not done anything for solo travellers specifically so excited to try it out, I don't like feeling like a spare part with a bunch of couples

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09 Sep 2016, 09:48  

hello Daphne - I'm Polly

I've been with one other single operator but thought they were rather overpriced for what we actually got. I've also travelled with Riviera once before to Sorrento which was pretty good - would have been nice if there were more solo travellers on that trip though.

I'm off to Andalucia next year and already I can't wait!

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12 Sep 2016, 12:11  

what a lovely bunch of folk there are here!

Beryl - don't worry about dining. On all of the single/solo holidays I have done I have found that everyone ends up dining together anyway - I like the social aspect, it's always nice to chat about the day's sights.

another lovely warm day here in Kent, we are very spoiled so far this September

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