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Hi Everyone

Posted: 03 Jul 2017, 11:30
by ericwatson239
Hi, this is Eric, I am a passionate traveler, visited more than 13 countries, still wandering to explore more beautiful places in the world. Innovative and new places that attract due to its history and special aspects. I recently visited Morocco and found it great. ancient, beautiful and cultured.

Re: Hi Everyone

Posted: 18 Aug 2017, 09:38
by Edna
Also new here. Just thinking of booking a short break in Marrakesh for November. Will be my fist trip solo.

Re: Hi Everyone

Posted: 18 Aug 2017, 09:51
by kittykat
Hi Eric,

So glad to see your enjoying life. I am new to riviera travel and solo travelling. i have a trip booked in October to Italy. I was apprehensive before and immediately after booking. But now i am really getting excited. It is a part of Italy i have wanted to visit for years and i am just looking forward to a refreshing holiday and meeting different people. Hope you keep enjoying your trips. i intend to do the same.

Re: Hi Everyone

Posted: 29 Sep 2018, 07:24
by Mila
Hi everyone!! I am new member of this community, this community is really amazing. I join this community because i am travel lover and want to share something about me and also want to know your opinions about travelling. So i think this is best place for sharing something and exploring something.