Expert Partners

We partner with highly respected experts in various fields on a number of tours to help you uncover different perspectives.


Having presented critically acclaimed television programmes for the BBC, our experts are well-poised to take you on an exciting journey through time and culture.

Dan Cruickshank

Art Historian


Dan Cruickshank in front of Tower Bridge London

Dan Cruickshank is a writer, art historian, architectural consultant and broadcaster who has made numerous history and culture programmes and series for the BBC.

Through his travels he has written a number of books and is also a regular presenter on the BBC, best known for his popular series Around the World in 80 Treasures and accompanying book.  

He has travelled extensively, filming in troubled regions including Afghanistan in 2002 (for the BBC Omnibus series to discover what cultural treasures remained after years of civil war and bloodshed) and Iraq (for Under Fire, reporting on the scale of looting of Iraqi treasures).

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Andrew Graham-Dixon

Art Critic


Dan Cruickshank in front of Tower Bridge London

For a selection of tours, Andrew offers some personal insights into the art and architecture of each region in a series of short videos.

For more insights from Andrew, watch his videos on the following pages or check out our full video collection on Vimeo.