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Multi-Centre Holidays

Multi-Centre Holidays

See more by staying in more than one hotel.


Multi-centre touring involves travelling on one holiday while staying at more than one hotel. We may stay for three nights in Florence and the next four nights in Tuscany, or stay in eight hotels across the Deep South

The benefits of multi-centre touring are endless: you can see so much of what a country has to offer by experiencing the variety of its towns and cities with your expert guide. You can also tick off more than one bucket list location in a single trip, giving you the opportunity to see more destinations in the future.

Each location also has its own cuisine and culture, even moving between Lisbon and Porto shows the different styles of cooking and music, two of Portugal's most famous passions. 

With hotel ranging from three-star to five-star on most tours, you can relax in a comfortable or even luxurious hotel before moving to the next delightful location.

With so much to see and do across all continents, why settle for staying in one location when you can see all of them? 


Bonifacio old town on the cliffs Corsica France
7 days starting from  £789pp 
Ship cruises the golden Douro valley
7 days starting from  £1,049pp 
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
5 days starting from  £969pp