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It’s hard to overstate the debt we owe to the ancient Greeks – or the way that this tour of classical Greece will bring it to life. As the birthplace of Western civilization, the Greeks brought us democracy, philosophy, physics, mathematics, and the very concepts of theatrical tragedy and comedy. Homer’s 8th century BC Iliad and Odyssey are the epic forerunners of modern literature. In pursuing order and proportion the Greeks created an ideal of beauty that strongly influenced Western art. But their cultural and technological achievements had a huge impact on the entire world, imparted to the East through Alexander the Great's campaigns, and to the West through the Roman Empire. This rich, unequalled legacy is never far away during your fascinating tour to Greece.

Positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece has one of the longest coastlines in the world, with anything up to 6,000 islands depending on your definition. Although eighty percent of the country is mountainous, its fertile fields also produce vast amounts of figs, rice, olives and tomatoes - all wonderfully reflected in its legendary cuisine. Your tour to Greece will take you through startlingly beautiful scenery such as the steep ravines of the Peloponnese mountains, silvery valleys of olive groves and shimmering, enchanting island coastlines. You’ll walk through the heart of ancient Athens to marvel at the Acropolis and the Parthenon. You’ll find yourself at the centre of the world in Delphi’s temple of Apollo where the famous oracle relayed the god’s dispensations. You’ll wonder at the perfect symmetry and incredible acoustics of the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, relive Homer’s epic stories in the citadel of Mycenae, see where the modern Olympic torch is still kindled from the sun’s rays in its original birthplace of Olympia, and stay in the picturesque old seaside town of Nafplion. Your tour to Greece – stepping back into this ancient world - will be truly memorable.

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