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Bringing together a unique blend of sights, sounds and spirituality, India has a distinctive flavour that flows through every experience you might encounter while exploring its rich tapestry of wonders. The vibrant energy of its people will undoubtedly provide you with a warm welcome, whether that’s to the sunny shores of Chennai to the south, the hustle and bustle of New Delhi to the north, or anywhere in between across its diverse, sprawling landscape.

A brief journey through one of India’s bustling city centres will reward you with glimpses into the diverse cultures and glorious architecture that are rooted within the country’s incredible history, while spending longer gives you an appreciation for the splendour of places like Jaipur, with its blushing pink walls, and the iconic Indian Railway shows you just how much an in-depth adventure across India has to offer.

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Humayun’s Tomb with palm trees | New Delhi, India

Golden Triangle Tours of India – First Timer’s Guide

Tours to India are an excellent way to discover more about this captivating country. If you’re keen to see India’s most iconic sights, such as the Taj Mahal and Red Fort, a Golden Triangle India tour package is perfect. So-called because the journey takes you to the highlights of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, following a route in the shape of a triangle.

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10 Brilliant Things to See and Do in Northern India

Holidays to India open up so many wonderful unique experiences. From going on a tiger safari to attending a camel fair, create lifelong memories on Golden Triangle escorted tours around Northern India. Discover some of the many brilliant and unusual things to do in Delhi and throughout Rajasthan – and prepare to be amazed.

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Tiger safari at Ranthambore National Park | Rajasthan, India

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Visit India’s Golden Triangle



Built upon the many incarnations of Delhi from the past, India’s capital city is perfectly balanced between two entirely different eras of history containing equal parts historical marvels and modern landmarks. Delhi plays host to three separate UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Qutb Complex, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb, and has even more fascinating, ornate temple complexes to discover, such as the Swaminarayan Akshardham which is a modern structure dedicated to the millennia of Hindu and Indian culture. Delving into Old Delhi itself is a brilliant, bustling bit of chaos, where you’ll share the streets with what feels like the entire city at once – a truly unforgettable spectacle.


Rajasthan’s state capital is known as the Pink City due to the rosy hue that many of Jaipur’s buildings have, creating gorgeous strokes of vibrant colour across the cityscape. The Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort and other historical structures offer respite from the endless throng of people flowing from place to place in the heart of the city, along with exemplary instances of Rajput and Mughal architecture. At the centre of Jaipur lies the City Palace, an opulent palace complex that originally housed Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II which still houses the seat of the current Maharaja of Jaipur.


Although many know Agra for the wondrous Taj Mahal, getting up close for an intimate look at the city reveals its history within the great Mughal empire, commemorated in great artistic works and delicious dishes. Outside of the world wonder, the ancient ex-capital of the Mughal empire – the Fatehpur Sikri – is a delight to explore, and the colossal walls of the Agra Fort are another two highlights that shouldn’t be missed in order to secure a rounded tour of this historic city.


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Things to do in India


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal through red archway with sun reflecting on the ground | Agra, India | Holidays to India

Tigers of Ranthambore

See Bengal Tigers on Safari in Ranthambore National Park | Rajasthan, India | Holidays to India

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

Houseboat cruise in Kerala backwaters lined with palm trees | Kerala, India | Holidays to India



Taj Mahal

Few sights are as instantly recognisable as the Taj Mahal, renowned for its position among the Seven Wonders of the World– and with good reason. This immensely beautiful mausoleum commemorates the lives of Emperor Shah Jahn and his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, at the centre of a sprawling 42-acre complex complete with a verdant formal garden. Its design is the pinnacle of Mughal architecture and is considered to be a true masterpiece, while at its core it served as a heartfelt final farewell from the Emperor to his partner.

Wildlife safari in Ranthambore

Just outside Ranthambore is an area which is now a vast wildlife reserve where you can find all manner of rare species. You can take a safari within an open-topped ‘canter’ in order to spy one of the most regal animals out there – the Bengal tiger. Seeing these majestic creatures flourish in a natural habitat is a wonderful thing to behold, and many other animals can be spotted as you make your way around the park, such as sambar, deer, sloth bears and playful langur monkeys.

Houseboat cruise on the Kerala Backwaters

Despite the name, the Kerala backwaters are a calm and quaint stretch of lakes, lagoons and rivers running from Kochi down to Kollam. Taking a cruise gives you a chance to see some spectacular views of the palm-lined, sun-soaked shores as well as the day-to-day lives of the Indian people who live by the backwaters. Arguably, the most authentic way to travel the Kerala Backwaters is via a kettuvallam – a Kerala-style houseboat.


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Food & drink in India


Due to the nature of India’s huge number of regions and tumultuous history, the national cuisine has been shaped by regional ingredients and iterations of cultural dishes which pervade each and every meal. Authentic Indian dishes such as murgh mahal and palak paneer can be found across the world but sampling them at the source in their purest form is a flavourful revelation. Losing yourself among the street food markets and trying new things is the easiest way to get a taste for the real flavours of India. Tea also plays a major role within Indian culture, as the country is one of the world’s largest producers of tea leaves, including the beloved Assam and Darjeeling teas. Visit one of the many Chai Wallahs, scattered through the city streets across the country, for a refreshing cup of Chai tea.


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