Costa Rica – A celebration of bio-diversity

From Emperor butterflies, toucans, the iridescent green plumage of the Quetzal to unique three-toed sloths, explore one of the most scenic and bio-diverse countries on the planet – now accessed by direct flights from the UK.

In Costa Rica every road seems to lead to another waterfall, a coffee plantation, a volcano, a lush rainforest or a stunning tropical beach.  It was named ‘the rich coast’ by Spanish conquistadors who, as always, hoped to find gold and silver.  Its real riches come from its immensely fertile volcanic soils that have created a biodiversity of incredible range, variety and complexity – a veritable natural paradise.  One of its most well-known inhabitants is the three-toed sloth, but there are also green iguanas, hundreds of varieties of brightly coloured frogs, monkeys, elusive jaguars, hummingbirds, leatherback turtles, whales and more.  One particularly extraordinary animal is the quetzal, the most stunning bird in Central America.

Our tour of Costa Rica visits the charming capital San Jose before striking out for the Arenal volcano, surrounded by its own national park with roughly half the species of Costa Rica to be found here.  From our comfortable base you will also visit the Caño Negro reserve, close to the border with Nicaragua.  The best way to spot wildlife is on our boat safari, which gives you uninterrupted views along its banks.  Our next stop is the renowned Monteverde Cloud Forest, a unique ecosystem where the trees are covered in mist, mossy vines and the greatest diversity of orchids on the planet.  You will explore this through the system of hanging bridges.  You can opt for an incredible zip-wire tour through the forest.

Our final stop is Manuel Antonio, known for its beautiful palm-fringed beaches, laidback lifestyle and the country's most visited national park, this is the perfect spot to relax and watch the sun set into the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Costa Rica
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