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The Best Place to Travel in Sri Lanka to See Elephants

Elephants in their natural habitat Wildlife in Sri Lanka Safari in Yala Nation Park by The Passionate Traveller From my very first visit to a zoo, I have always loved elephants. As my trip to Sri Lanka grew closer, it dawned on me that I would finally get to see these incredible creatures in the wild ...

What to Expect In Sri Lanka as a Solo Traveller

Find out what happened on our very first Solo Traveller tour Eco-resorts, hotels and restaurants Local Sri Lankan cuisine, from curries to tropical fruits Ayurveda at the Luckgrove Spice Garden Sight-seeing tours and UNESCO World Heritage Sights Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home An abundance of wildlife in the Yala National Park by, Caroline Rajani, tour manager I felt very excited and privileged to lead Riviera ...