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Why Travel Solo in 2021?

It’s all about you If travel broadens the mind, then solo travel can positively impact your life on a whole other level, possibly in ways you may never have dreamed of. When you travel alone, the experience can be transformative, and whether it’s by choice or by circumstance, many solo travellers would say, whilst it’s not ...

A Guide to the Main River

Discover the Main river – Europe’s lesser-known waterway that makes for a delightful river cruise through quintessential medieval Germany.

10 Best Solo Travel Blogs

Discover the best solo travel blogs – inspiration, practical advice and incredible solo travel stories to help you plan your solo travel holiday.

An Insider’s Guide to Our Escorted Tour of Valencia, Spain

History and culture of Spain Architecture and agriculture of the Valencian region Bright colours of the orange groves and the City of Arts and Sciences One of our Product Managers for our Solo Traveller programme, talks us through how he put the tour together by The Curious Traveller I’ve always had a burning desire to visit ...