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Why Travel Solo in 2021?

It’s all about you If travel broadens the mind, then solo travel can positively impact your life on a whole other level, possibly in ways you may never have dreamed of. When you travel alone, the experience can be transformative, and whether it’s by choice or by circumstance, many solo travellers would say, whilst it’s not ...


Best Solo Travel Holidays for 2020

Need inspiration for your next solo travel holiday? Get expert advice from Riviera Travel with our pick of 10 fantastic solo travel destinations for 2020.


10 Best Solo Travel Blogs

Discover the best solo travel blogs – inspiration, practical advice and incredible solo travel stories to help you plan your solo travel holiday.


Adventure in the Alps: Escorted Touring vs. Independent Travel

James, a member of the Riviera Travel team, takes us on his journey A look at an escorted tour in Austria  A comparison of a guided tour vs independent travel Travel solo within a group tour Back in time The year is 2015, the month is October and the cold Autumn mornings are starting to become ...


What’s the Best River Cruise for Each Season?

Find out the best time to take a river cruise Discover new itineraries River cruises in Europe, Asia, and Africa A month-by-month account of the best river cruises to take by Sue Bryant River cruising is a year-round pleasure. Whether you’re looking to meander along the dreamy Seine in springtime, watch a tropical sunrise over Angkor ...


10 Great Reasons to Join Our Solo Traveller Tours

What to expect on your Solo Traveller tour Tips to get the most out of your itinerary Advice to help choose the right tour for you 1. Indulge in Seville ... the home of tapas Few things are more quintessentially Spanish than tapas. Join our tour of Classical Spain and you will have the opportunity to sample ...


What to Expect In Sri Lanka as a Solo Traveller

Find out what happened on our very first Solo Traveller tour Eco-resorts, hotels and restaurants Local Sri Lankan cuisine, from curries to tropical fruits Ayurveda at the Luckgrove Spice Garden Sight-seeing tours and UNESCO World Heritage Sights Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home An abundance of wildlife in the Yala National Park by, Caroline Rajani, tour manager I felt very excited and privileged to lead Riviera ...