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Why I Love French Tours, As Told By a Tour Manager

From the magic of Monet's garden to the delightful essence of ‘Douceur de Vivre’, Tour Manager, Evelyn Malcolm shares her favourite parts of France and why she loves hosting Riviera escorted tours there. Honfleur NormandyWhat springs to mind is the rich food: Courtesy of the contented Normandy cows in their bright green ‘paturages’, cream, butter, cheese, camembert and so many others; from the maritime side, fish and seafood, also cider, ...

14 Famous Castles to Visit in Europe

Discover 14 famous castles you should visit in Europe with Rivera Travel’s expert guide – from Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria to Colditz Castle in Saxony.

Rhine River Cruise Guide 2020

Planning a Rhine river cruise for 2020? Get expert advice from Riviera Travel on what to expect, when to go and highlights from a Rhine river cruise.

Wine Tasting Tours – 9 of the Best Wine Regions to Visit

Explore prestigious wine regions around the globe and discover the heritage behind the world's best wines Discover the best wine destinations in Europe, including Douro Valley, Burgundy and La Rioja Travel to South Africa, California and New Zealand wine regions to learn more about wine-making Wine tasting tours are fun experiences while on holiday, and ...