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10 of the Best Castles on the Danube

From Aggstein Castle in the Wachau Valley to Smederevo Fortress in Serbia, the castles on the Danube have deep ties to the river’s past, and each has a distinctive aesthetic and unique history.

A Map of the Danube: From Black Forest to Black Sea

The Danube river flows with a rich cultural history that’s second to none in Europe. We’ve compiled a Danube river map which covers some of the main points around the illustrious river for anyone curious about one of our most popular routes, as well as some of the cities you can see on the Danube. The ...

A Musical River Cruise Through the Heart of Europe

Europe is a land of music. From its legendary composers to its iconic cities, you can find its musical past and present around every corner. Its very geography summons melodies to mind, like the Danube or the forests of Germany, making a journey through it a unique musical adventure. A river cruise on the Danube is ...

The History of the Danube

The history of one of Europe’s most famous waterways Discover how access to this river helped the growth of its communities How is the “Danube” pronounced in its home countries? Find out what fish inhabit this great river The Danube is one of the world’s most famous rivers, standing alongside the likes of the Nile, ...