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What to Expect Along the Nile

by Sue Bryant Egypt is going through something of a tourism boom at the moment so if you’ve always dreamed of cruising the Nile, now is the time to go, before it gets too busy. This is a wonderful time to travel; investment in tourism is paying off, with ancient temples being spruced up and new ...


Enjoy a River Cruise in Spring

There’s never a bad time to visit Europe, with every season bringing its own charms and delights around the continent. But for a river cruise around Holland or some areas of Portugal, Spain and France, you simply must try and do it in the spring. This is the season when riverbanks burst into glorious bloom ...


Explore Medieval Germany

A river cruise through the heart of Germany can offer many varied delights but most of all it gives you the chance to take a trip back in time, with visits to some of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe.  Cruising the Main and the Danube river takes you to historic destinations like Wurzburg, Rothenberg ...


From pho to schnitzel, try these classic dishes from around the world

by Sue Bryant One of the joys of travel is sampling local culinary specialities – and perhaps making them yourself back home. Here are some absolute classics to look out for in towns and cities along the world’s waterways – or to try on board your Riviera Travel ship. The best of Alsace In Strasbourg, where you’ll spend ...


Cruising Portugal’s picturesque Douro Valley

The secret to a truly magical cruise experience is the ability to completely lose yourself in the beauty and culture of a place, and this Douro Valley cruise offers exactly that. Start out in Porto and take in the sights and flavours of the local vineyards as well as where you’ll see the hustle and bustle of ...


What to expect on a Mekong cruise

by Sue Bryant One of Asia’s longest rivers, the mighty Mekong snakes its way some 3,000 miles from its source on the Tibetan plateau to its vast delta in the South China Sea, along the way providing irrigation, drinking water, food and a transport artery for millions of people. Riviera Travel’s 15-day ‘A Journey on the Mekong’ ...