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Insider Guide: Pasta Perfection

by the Insider Guide While we adore crispy authentic pizza and we can never say no to gelato, if one food makes us think of Italy, it has to be pasta. Italians from up and down the country may swear allegiance to their local specialities, but there’s no denying that Bologna is home to some of ...


Insider Guide: Portugal’s Amazing, Underrated Food

by the Insider Guide It’s time for Portugal to step out of its neighbour’s culinary shadow. We all know Spain is a gastronomic VIP; from sensational tapas to incredible seafood, we’ve spent many a holiday eating our way through the country’s menus. Somehow the top-quality dishes on offer just next door have been overlooked, but we’re ...


Insider Guide: Bite into Berlin’s Original Street Food

by the Insider Guide Street food is on everyone’s lips; food trucks are lining pavements from Bangkok to New York and we show no sign of losing our appetite for them. This is great news for all of us hungry travellers who fancy tasty, imaginative food without forking out restaurant prices at every meal. Some cities have ...


5 Reasons to Travel Solo on Our New Budapest, Bratislava & Vienna Tour

1. Devin Castle As soon as you see the castle you are immediately transported into a fairy-tale.  Clinging precariously to a cliff edge on the border of Austria and Slovakia at the confluence of two rivers, it really is a fantastic place to take a photograph to send to your friends!   2. Traditional spas The classic spas in Hungary, notably ...


Insider Guide: Tales of Tapas

by the Insider Guide If we were choosing the perfect meal to enjoy with friends, we’d have to say tapas. The ideal way to eat your way around Madrid and towns the length and breadth of Spain. We’ve fallen for tapas in the UK to such an extent that plenty of restaurants here have adopted tapas-style ...


From pho to schnitzel, try these classic dishes from around the world

by Sue Bryant One of the joys of travel is sampling local culinary specialities – and perhaps making them yourself back home. Here are some absolute classics to look out for in towns and cities along the world’s waterways – or to try on board your Riviera Travel ship. The best of Alsace In Strasbourg, where you’ll spend ...