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5 Reasons to Travel Solo on Our New Budapest, Bratislava & Vienna Tour

1. Devin Castle As soon as you see the castle you are immediately transported into a fairy-tale.  Clinging precariously to a cliff edge on the border of Austria and Slovakia at the confluence of two rivers, it really is a fantastic place to take a photograph to send to your friends!   2. Traditional spas The classic spas in Hungary, notably ...


Eurostar – Enjoy the Trip!

by The Wayfarer One mistake that is all too easy to make is to not treat your journey as part of your holiday experience. Once I have downed tools, packed and embarked on a journey away I like to get into the holiday spirit as soon as possible.  Granted this can be difficult when dealing with ...


Enjoy a River Cruise in Spring

There’s never a bad time to visit Europe, with every season bringing its own charms and delights around the continent. But for a river cruise around Holland or some areas of Portugal, Spain and France, you simply must try and do it in the spring. This is the season when riverbanks burst into glorious bloom ...


Vibrant Venice

by Sam Dorsett, Reservations Department On the approach into Venice Airport I started to wonder, "Is this plane equipped to land on water?" I could not help but be amazed by the tiny winding canals getting closer and closer below, until I suddenly saw this grey expanse of concrete which was the seemingly very short runway. ...


Impressions of Barcelona

by Roxanne Wells If you’re looking for a truly unique ‘best of all worlds’ city destination, Barcelona is hard to beat. A hotbed of contrasts and contradictions, the Catalan capital quickly enchants visitors with its mix of magnificent landmarks, magical architecture, gothic charm and lively urban beachfront. The first stop on any tour of Barcelona has to ...


A journey around Bruges

by The Passionate Traveller Bruges is a city that is made for wandering. It is compact, friendly, fascinating and wonderfully picturesque. So join me as I take a whistle-stop trip around Bruges. The first sound you will hear is the clip-clop of horses’ hooves on cobbled stones as these magnificent animals pull classic carriages along. As I ...