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Travelling As a Group – Your Questions Answered

Seeing the world is one of life’s greatest joys but nothing beats a shared travel experience with like-minded friends for memories to treasure. A group holiday can be a superb way to reconnect with your members – particularly in the aftermath of recent months, allowing us the time and space to re-establish friendships, lift spirits and generally revitalise our minds and bodies whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of some of the most spectacular, beautiful and fascinating places across the globe.

With the enticing prospect of travel now firmly back on the agenda and all of us longing to enjoy our next adventure, be it exotic and far-flung or familiarly closer to home, your group members might be starting to think about their next trip and getting together on a holiday somewhere wonderful – with all the benefits to our health and wellbeing that it brings.

Whether your group is contemplating their very first holiday or has travelled with us before, there’s likely to be some queries you’ll want answering before you book – from travel arrangements to dining options, here’s some of the most frequently asked questions that’ll help your group decide if a Riviera holiday is right for them.  

Can we arrange a group meal?
Absolutely, if your group loves dining together, Riviera can certainly do this for you. We’ll just need to know your budget and when you’d like to arrange this during your holiday, and we can either pre-book a menu or make the table reservations on your behalf.

Can we arrange a coach to transfer our group to the airport in the UK?
Yes, we can certainly do this for you. It’s usually more economical for you to use your own regular coach supplier but we will assist with this and provide alternative quotes too if required.

Do we all have to do every included excursion?
You can opt out of any of the included excursions if you wish, just let us know so that the tour manager is not waiting for you on that day.

Does the group leader go free?
Riviera will offer 10% back of the value of the group booking for groups of 10+. This can be exchanged for a free place if you prefer, although this tends to be of lesser value for larger groups.

Are Riviera holidays suitable for members who use a wheelchair?
Some of our tours are not suitable for less able-bodied people due to the terrain or content but on some of our holidays it is possible for members with a wheelchair to travel. However it is important to note that someone in the group will be required to assist them with their luggage and getting both themselves and their chair on and off the various methods of transport throughout the holiday.

Is there a maximum group size?
There is no maximum number but if you want to ensure you can travel together on the same coach and stay in the same hotel, we suggest no more than 49 members travel as a group. Some of our tours are capped at 25 people, so depending on the destination you choose, we can advise accordingly.

What is the smallest number that you would class as a group, to benefit from a group deal or offer?
We accept groups of any size but to qualify for our 10% back offer, your group booking must be for at least 10 members.

Can group members travel from different airports or regional rail stations, or do we all have to travel from the same one?
Many of our holidays offer different airport choices on the same departure and where they do, your group can select the one that suits them best. On tours served by regional rail services, we offer a selection of departure stations, so each member can select their preferred station. Both options allow members to travel independently and then join together as a group for the tour and accommodation.

Can we make up a name for our group or does it have to be an official society/organisation name?
We accept any names, fact or fictional!

Is there a limit on how many group offers we can have in any one year?
No. We have many groups that travel several times a year with us – always at the best possible price whether with or without the same members each time.

Can we get seats together on the train or aircraft?
Riviera can usually pre-book the seats or secure a block allocation to keep your group together, but it does always depend on each service provider, so we will advise you accordingly.

Is baggage included on a group holiday?
We always include a baggage allowance in the cost of our tours and cruises, however the weight limit and number of items varies for each supplier and we can advise accordingly. We hope this helps to answer some of your initial questions but we appreciate this will by no means be exhaustive.

Our dedicated Groups Department is ready to answer any other queries you might have and help you choose, arrange and ensure you and your members enjoy the perfect group holiday.